Our Change Management story: How CMC Partnership Global are connected to Prosci®

    May 27, 2020 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    If you are reading this blog, you have probably heard of CMC Partnership Global and (or) Prosci® by now. You may be considering developing your knowledge of change management or taking the next steps in your career and not quite sure on which provider best aligns with the local needs of your business. Or, maybe you are unsure on what exactly the contrast between CMC Partnership Global and Prosci® is.

    Our affiliation  

    Although our experienced team works with organisations globally, we are the primary Prosci® affiliate for UK, Ireland, Italy and Singapore -meaning CMC Partnership Global are the sole provider of Prosci® public training in these locations.

    We help organisations to successfully deliver change management capabilities, while providing our specialist support, with a tailored localised approach specific to your region. We have a range of training programs, both classroom-based and/or technology-led, that help your people to acquire change management skills, so that they can better implement successful change themselves.

    What we offer

    Owned and managed by practising business change management professionals, CMC Partnership Global is also a leading provider of the global, market-leading Prosci® Change Management TrainingWorkshops and Advisory services. This role-based training allows everyone in their organisation to become a successful driver of change. View all of our  course dates  and see which one is best for you. 

    We can also deliver virtual training for your teams. You get the additional benefits of team learning and focus on your organisation during these sessions. In advance, our experienced operations team will liaise with you to get ensure all the necessary arrangements are firmly in place ahead of the training. Over the past 8 weeks we've delivered numerous virtual sessions for clients around the globe!

    We also support you while you put your learning into practice. In addition to the training, we offer change management advisory and hands-on delivery support. Find out more.

    What we do

    We are here to advise your organisation on ways to deliver successful change management capabilities, while offering our specialist support. As a Prosci® affiliate we share in their mission to build internal change capability and represent Prosci® markets where they do not have a direct presence, enabling a tailored localised approach.

    We don’t just teach the theory. Using our 20+ years of experience in helping clients to deliver successful changes we show you how to do it in practice through fast-paced, engaging and proactive programs that are delivered by experienced professionals.  We pride ourselves in being able to share our subject matter expertise with you. 

    We arm you with the know-how to make sense of the changes your teams are experiencing and empower you with an industry-leading tool kit to enable you to maximise the business value from the change you are delivering.

    Find out more

    Consider attending an upcoming  Prosci Practitioner Certification Programme.

    Download the brochure.  

    CMC Global also offers private, single-company virtual training and advisory support worldwide. For more information on our virtual and remote options, get in touch!

    In the meantime, did you know we offer free change management webinars? We cover a range of topics from introductory, “how to” to advanced topics

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