Change Management Webinars

Prosci Change management webinars - delivered by CMC Partnership

CMC's free webinars offer you the chance to gain an insight into the forefront of change management thinking, and an in-depth look into the Prosci methodology, delivered by two of CMC's Prosci Certified Advanced Instructors, Michael Campbell and Emma de la Haye.

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CMC offers three series of Prosci webinars that cater for all levels of experience. Whether you're new to Prosci or you're seasoned in applying the ADKAR® model, there is a webinar that's right for you.

Introduction to Change Mangement

In this webinar series, we’ll cover the fundamentals of change management, introducing the basic concepts and why change management is necessary for projects to deliver results and achieve objectives. We will introduce you to the Prosci methodology and provide a detailed overview the Prosci ADKAR® Model and review Prosci’s role-based, research-derived approach to delivering change. 

Leveraging the Toolkit to Drive Change Management Success: Friday 15th November, 9am GMT/10am CET/5pm SGT

The Practitioner eToolkit enables successful application of the Prosci Methodology by providing detailed step-by-step guidance, assessments and templates through a repeatable change management process. This interactive webinar will bridge the knowledge to ability gap with a structured walk-through of the comprehensive resources available. Register here.


Advanced Applications in Change Management

The advanced applications of change management webinar series will provide guidance on how to drive change management beyond the project level. In this five part series, you will learn how to improve your internal credibility by changing how you talk about change management,  delve deeper into the Prosci ADKAR® Model to help you achieve more successful personal and organisational change, finally we'll touch upon key themes to help you progress your organisation’s change capability:


How Change Management

This webinar series tackles the common challenges and obstacles when implementing change management for your change projects and within your organisation.

How to Leverage the PCT Model: Wednesday 20th November, 9am GMT/10am CET/5pm SGT

The PCT Model has helped countless teams become more effective by improving performance in each corner of the triangle. Learn how to assess the health of your project, identify root causes of problems, and create action steps to realise the desired results and outcomes of change. Register here.

How to Engage Sponsors: Monday 25th November, 9am GMT/10am CET/5pm SGT

Learn how to engage your sponsors effectively throughout the life of your project, including a discussion on the impact sponsors have on a project, how to communicate roles and expectations with sponsors, and how to enable senior leaders to succeed as sponsors.. Register here.

How to Manage Resistance: Friday 29th November, 9am GMT/10am CET/5pm SGT

Join us as we discuss how to anticipate resistance, identify root causes of resistance, and engage the right resistance managers to ensure change success. Register here.