Advisory Support

Wherever you are on the path to achieving your change outcomes, we’ll work with you to understand the challenges you’re facing and identify the support that you, your colleagues and your project needs to achieve success. We can then match your needs with the services we provide.

We’ll work with you every step of the way…

UK Advisory - Circles

Below are just a few of the advisory services we offer.

These services are tailored for you and are complementary to the Prosci change management training we offer.  


CMC Change Management Accelerators:

We provide Change Management Accelerators for each stage of you path, for both your project teams (Project Accelerator workshops) and for individuals (Personal Accelerator sessions). We call them Accelerators because they are designed to increase the speed and likelihood of the successful adoption of you change initiative.

Plus… Project reviews are a service we can deliver during, and / or following each project to ensure it is all on track and to learn lessons for future projects.

UK project accelerator
UK personal accelerator

These action-orientated workshops, usually conducted over 2 days, are designed for project teams and sponsors to either help them architect the initial change management strategy for their project to ensure success or review and correct the in-flight change management strategy execution already underway.

Personal Accelerator sessions provide change practitioners with an increased ability to proficiently apply the Prosci methodology and tools to their current project and help them for future projects. It is usually a series of one-on-one virtual sessions with one of CMC Global’s Advanced Prosci Instructors.

Uk Mid project review
UK post project review

Mid project reviews are held 6-8 weeks into the project to dive insight and to spur action. We work together with you to identify what is and isn’t working early so that improvements can be made quickly. 

Post project reviews ask the question “has this project or program delivered against key objectives, quality, time and cost expectations? They are focused on leaning form experience and helping to benefit future initiatives

Other support for your change delivery:

Change Surgeries

CMC Global can facilitate change surgeries as an opportunity to gain practical and expert change management advice. Whether you would like to health check your project’s current change status or you simply want to check in with the CMC Global team after having training to re-visit a particular element of change management, then a change surgery could be valuable for you and your organisation. 

Change Leadership Workshop – tools, tips and hacks for leading change

A workshop focused on Managers to prepare them to become effective leaders of change for their teams and those they work closely with.

Change Definition Workshop

A workshop that covers all aspects of defining the change, an essential precursor to change management.

Staff Augmentation for Change Delivery

In selected situations, CMC Global staff can augment your team and provide change management advice as well as hands-on delivery support. In the past we have provided full change management teams and also embedded our people as part of a client’s change delivery team. We believe in working as one seamless team, combining our change management expertise with your knowledge of the business.

If you're interested in finding out more or discussing any of these services with us, then complete the form below and a member of the CMC Global team will be in touch.