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CMC Partnership Global instructors share their insights on change initiatives, challenges and success stories from the training room. 

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Engaging your sponsors spotlight

How To Tell A Primary Sponsor They Are Not Fulfilling Their ABC's

By Imogen Parnham-Kenny

Often our sponsors are busy and it can be challenging to raise awareness of the need for active and visible sponsorship. CMC's Imogen Parnham-Kenny shares her insights into the best way to approach sponsors if they are not fulfilling their role in change. 

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Resistance to change spotlight

Anticipating Resistance to Change Requires Team Intercommunication

Internal structures of large organisations are often unknown or complex, leading to decreased ability to forecast and manage resistance to change prior to it's materialisation. 

By Daisy Verhoef

When change management on a project basis isnt enough

When Change Management on a Project Basis Isn't Enough

Applying change management to a single project is a great start, but it isn't enough to get change management embedded in your organisation.  

By Steve Ragg

Why Project Management is Important for Change

Project Management and Change Management Integration

The 6th greatest contributor to successful change management initiatives is the integration and engagement in project management. So how do we integrate the two?

by Quentin Orsmond

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Who actually does the change

Who Actually Does the Change Management?

It may surprise you to learn that change practitioners are only part of the role roster of those who DO change management. So who are the others?

by Emma De-la-Haye                                              

Going back to normal

Going Back to Normal?

No one has formally announced the end of the pandemic, but it seems to be over? Except that we seem unsure of what to do next...     

By Stuart Watson                                                      

Sponsor spotlight

How to Identify a Primary Sponsor

A common challenge organisations face is how to identify a sponsor. Sponsors are critical for driving change success, so how do we identify them?

by Harri Pyke   

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Making the future state real

Making the Future State "Real" for Impacted Individuals 

Many change initiatives struggle after the implementation stage as they find people are still trying to revert back to previous work practices. 

by Ceri Williams

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