My first Virtual Refresher workshop for Certified Prosci Practitioners

    May 1, 2020 | Posted by Ceri Williams

    Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of hosting our first Virtual Refresher workshop for a small group of Prosci® Certified Practitioners.

    For the best part of a day, three previously trained practitioners joined myself and my colleague, Quentin Osmond in an interactive session where we revisited the Prosci® eToolkit and took a detailed and fresh look at some of the Prosci tools designed for effective change management.

    So what did our participants gain from the session? Not only did it serve as a refresh of Prosci’s tools, presentations and templates, we also revisited some of Prosci’s key change management models, which left them with greater confidence to be able to hit the ground running and recharge their change management plans.

    The session allowed for lots of Q&A and enabled our Practioners to re-learn together, some of the key elements from the three-day certification programme. Topics included:

    • Why change management?
    • A re-cap of the Prosci portal and Practitioner eToolkit
    • Building a business case for change management (4Ps, Flight/Risk, ROI model)
    • Revision of the Prosci® 3 Phase process
    • Assessing your project health (Prosci® PCT, Risk model)
    • Seeing the world through the ADKAR® Lens
    • Importance of effective Sponsorship for change
    • Leveraging value from the Prosci Portal

    The virtual workshop was followed up by a one-to-one 30 minute session between myself and each participant so that they could privately discuss any specifics they had regarding the Prosci framework and how to apply it to their project.

    If this is something that you think you could also benefit from, then please join me again on Friday 15th May UK time, or my colleague Michael Campbell in Singapore on Friday 22nd May.

    Find out more or register here.

    Topics: Getting Started with Change Management, Virtual Learning


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