CMC Global Refresher Workshop for Prosci® Certified Practitioners

This virtual, interactive half-day workshop provides Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioners with the opportunity to refresh their knowledge, skills and the application of their licensed Prosci tools. The workshop is designed to help Certified Prosci Practitioners improve their ability and assure effective change in their organisations.

The workshop is delivered using a robust online platform that aids interaction and promotes revision and group discussion, all hosted  and facilitated by a CMC Global Prosci Advanced Instructor. To ensure an engaging and collaborative virtual workshop there is a limit of 12 participants.

Who Should Attend?

Prosci Change Management Certified Practitioners who wish to revisit the learning from their Prosci certification including a tour of their Practitioner etoolkit tools, presentations and templates, including the application and use of ADKAR, Prosci’s 3-Phase structured approach to Change Management and Best Practices Research.

Topics Covered 

  • Why change management?

  • A re-cap of the Prosci portal and Practitioner eToolkit
  • Building a business case for change management (4Ps, Flight/Risk, ROI model)

  • Revision of the Prosci® 3 Phase process

  • Assessing your project health (Prosci® PCT, Risk model)

  • Seeing the world through the ADKAR® Lens

  • Importance of effective Sponsorship for change
  • Leveraging value from the Prosci Portal

Learning objectives

During the workshop, participants will: 
  • Reconnect with the fundamentals of change and change management

  • Refresh knowledge and ability to effectively use Prosci's structured approach, Best Practices research, methodology and tools, for effective change management

  • Have the opportunity to ask questions about application of the Prosci framework
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30 minute one-to-one remote session with your Prosci® Certified Advanced Instructor

An additional benefit of attending the Refresher workshop is the option of a follow-up, 30 minute one-to-one session with the CMC Global Prosci Advanced Instructor.

During this session, Refresher participants have the opportunity to ask questions about the Prosci framework and how to apply it to their specific project, privately. Subject to demand the session will occur on the same day as the Refresher workshop. The CMC team will contact participants in advance of the workshop to agree a time

Workshop Preparation 

Prior to the workshop, we recommend that Practitioners

  1. Look at the materials received from your original Prosci Practitioner training

  2. If required, consider renewing your Prosci e-toolkit subscription to benefit from access to the latest tools, templates, assessments and other resources held in the Prosci Portal. To renew, please visit or contact CMC.

  3. In readiness for the workshop, we recommend Practitioners focus on a specific current or past change project.

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