HR Professionals - get a seat at the table and implement change management from the word go

    May 14, 2020 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    Based on Prosci’s best practices in change management research, the top thing companies would do differently when implementing a major process, system or cultural change was: utilise an effective and planned change management approach.

    Current research finds that change management, when not introduced at the beginning of a project, usually falls upon you, in the HR department; and therefore you are stuck trying to make the project work well after the project team has been disbanded. Your colleagues may have forgotten or omitted managing the "people side of change."

    The HR Department can then become the sole advocate and the only party dedicated to the "people side of change." So you are invited in at the middle to end of a project in order to magically create peace from chaos!

    Sound familiar?

    At this stage in a project, the Prosci change management methodology can help to assess current state, plan for mitigating actions and to make the best of what may be a poorly planned situation and recoup – but late in the game.

    The key point for HR, as well as other parties involved, is the extreme importance of getting HR "a seat at the table" early in the change. HR can provide the catalyst which is needed to introduce and implement change management at its most effective stage – the very beginning.

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    How does HR go about introducing and building buy in for change management at the beginning of a project?

    The most effective and productive way to get "a seat at the table" at the beginning of any project will require you to demonstrate the "WIIFM" to others. ("What’s in it for me?") Utilising change management as your strategy to answer these questions not only builds buy in to change management but it will ultimately get you that "seat”

    Why change management?

    Without change management, projects experience employee and manager resistance. The research says the greatest obstacle to change management is "employee resistance." This resistance impacts the project team and its success and in your role as an HR professional you can play a vital role in managing resistance to change and helping the team succeed.

    Top tips for HR Professionals:

    • Become comfortable and immersed in the field of change management, and believe in the cause
    • Introduce change management to your organisation and make sure others know the crucial difference between the people side of change, and change management from a process and technology angle
    • Use best practices to help show the importance of change management and what it can do for the success of a project

    To upskill you and your teams, why not register for one of our Virtual Prosci Change Management Practitioner certification courses, or take a look at the wide range of role based courses we offer, both on open enrolment or privately for your organisation.

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