Change Management Webinars

Our free webinars offer an insight into the forefront of change management thinking, delivered by CMC Change Management Practitioners,  Michael Campbell, Rhiannon Cooke and Emma de la Haye.

In each webinar, we discuss key research findings and their consequences for delivering change, and offer participants the chance to ask questions of their own about change management. The webinars also include a range of live polls to reveal participants’ experiences of the topic under discussion.

Change Management Job Trends: 16th March, at 9am GMT, Register here
Permanent job roles dedicated to change management are on the rise. Learn how the discipline of change management is evolving and what the job market looks like now and for the future. 

What’s next for Change Management?: 6th April, at 9am BST, Register here
The change management discipline has grown, evolved and matured significantly over the past several decades. This webinar will explore the most recent developments that have emerged in Prosci research and the trends change professionals are expecting in the coming years. 

Roles in Change Management: 9th and 20th April at 9am BST, Register here
Implementing effective change requires involvement from many people in the organisation. Leaders, managers and front-line employees ultimately deliver the changes developed by program, project and change teams. Each role’s relationship with change is different, and each has different responsibilities in implementing change management. 

Top Contributors to Success: 23rd and 27th April at 9am BST, Register here
Over the years, themes of sponsorship and communications have emerged in Prosci's best practices studies, while other contributors have made appearances only in recent years. In this webinar, you will learn the current top contributors to change success and specific activities you can implement.

How to Integrate Change Management and Project Management: 30th April and 4th May at 9am BST, Register here
Project management and change management share a common objective - to improve the performance of the organisation by implementing a change. However, bringing these two disciplines together can sometimes be challenging. This webinar looks at how to integrate change management and project management across five dimensions to deliver results and outcomes for your change initiative.

How to Manage Resistance: 11th and 14th May at 9am BST,  Register here
Knowing how to manage resistance is critical to success. This webinar explores how to manage resistance and discusses the foundation of resistance along with three avenues for managing resistance: 
1. Resistance prevention 
2. Proactive resistance management
3. Reactive resistance management 

How to Write a Business Case for Change Management: 18th and 21st May at 9am BST, Register here
Presenting a formal business case for change management to a project leader or senior leader can earn you the resources and time needed to properly implement change management. In this webinar we will look at the data and information you need to include in your business case to create an effective argument for change management.

Essentials of ADKAR: 4th and 8th June at 9am BST, Register here
The Prosci ADKAR® Model describes the five building blocks of successful change at the individual level. This webinar outlines the Prosci ADKAR Model and how it helps individuals process and implement change.

Advanced Applications of ADKAR: 18th and 22nd June at 9am BST, Register here
Whether ADKAR is new to you, or you have been using it in your change management work for some time, this webinar will give you new perspective on how to maximise your use of this simple framework to achieve more successful personal and organisational change.

"Excellent webinars. The best series I have ever seen on Change Management. Excellent breadth and depth of topics covered. These are great - either as refreshers/updates or if you're starting out in change management"