Change Management Webinars

Our free webinars offer an insight into the forefront of change management thinking, delivered by CMC Change Management Practitioners,  Michael Campbell, Rhiannon Cooke and Emma de la Haye.

In each webinar, we discuss key research findings and their consequences for delivering change, and offer participants the chance to ask questions of their own about change management. The webinars also include a range of live polls to reveal participants’ experiences of the topic under discussion.

Stop talking about what you do and start talking about what you deliver: 11th and 15th December at 9am GMT, Register here

If you have ever needed more buy-in and commitment to change management; if you have ever been challenged about the value and importance of change management; if you are tired of being the last on the agenda and the first off the agenda – don’t miss this webinar. In this webinar, learn how to gain credibility and commitment by changing how you talk about change management. By shifting from talking about “what you do” to talking about “what you deliver” – you can earn a permanent seat at the table and show the value of change management within the context of project success.

How to drive adoption with 5 strategic change plans: 12th and 22nd January at 9am GMT, Register here

Enabling the delivery of ROI from your change projects and programmes: 5th and 9th February at 9am GMT, Register here

Learn how to enable the delivery of the Return on Investment (ROI) for your change projects by effectively mitigating the risk of poor adoption and usage at Go-Live with help from ProfilerLive and CMC. In this webinar we will question and dispel the notion that sending someone to Training is all that is required for them to be ready to Go-Live. We will explore why you must and how you can build and deploy engaging online tests of competency to prove that directly impacted staff are truly ready to execute new ways of working, with the required levels of proficiency, to deliver ROI one person at a time, after they have been trained.

"Excellent webinars. The best series I have ever seen on Change Management. Excellent breadth and depth of topics covered. These are great - either as refreshers/updates or if you're starting out in change management"