Change Management Webinars

Prosci Change management webinars - delivered by CMC Partnership

CMC's free webinars offer you the chance to gain an insight into the forefront of change management thinking, and an in-depth look into the Prosci methodology, delivered by two of CMC's Prosci Certified Advanced Instructors, Michael Campbell and Emma de la Haye.

CMC offers three series of Prosci webinars that cater for all levels of experience. Whether you're new to Prosci or you're seasoned in applying the ADKAR® model, there is a webinar that's right for you. Take a look at our full list of webinars below.

Introduction to Change Mangement

In this webinar series, we’ll cover the fundamentals of change management, introducing the basic concepts and why change management is necessary for projects to deliver results and achieve objectives. We will introduce you to the Prosci methodology and provide a detailed overview the Prosci ADKAR® Model and review Prosci’s role-based, research-derived approach to delivering change. 

Prosci Methodology Overview: Monday 3rd June , 9am BST/4pm SGT

Methodologies provide structure and purpose to a discipline. A change management methodology provides an intentional approach for managing the people side of a project or initiative. This webinar presents Prosci's Change Management Methodology. Learn about the Prosci ADKAR® Model for individual change management and the Prosci 3-Phase Change Management Process for organisational change management. Learn how the fusion of individual and organisational change management is necessary to drive project results and outcomes. Register here.

Essentials of ADKAR:  Monday 10th June, 9am BST/4pm SGT 

The Prosci ADKAR Model describes the five building blocks of successful change at the individual level. In times of change - whether at home, in the community or at work – people need Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement to successfully and sustainably change. This webinar presents the ADKAR Model in detail and walks you through applying the model to your own change. You will understand how to use ADKAR to pinpoint where you may be struggling with a change and how to overcome change challenges. Register here.

Five Tenets of Change Management: Monday 24th June, 9am BST/4pm SGT

Is there a simple way to explain to someone what change management is and why it is essential, not optional? Prosci’s Five Tenets of Change Management helps you tell a simple and compelling story about why change management is necessary for projects to deliver results and achieve objectives. The five tenets help you provide crucial context for your “what is change management?” discussions. Register here.

Defining the Value of Change Management: Monday 22nd July, 9am BST/4pm SGT

There are rarely challenges to proving the ROI of project management, but change management still faces the challenge of justifying the return on the budget, time, work and effort required to manage the people side of change. The ROI of change management is the additional value created by a project due to employee adoption and usage. In this webinar we will walk you through how to express a quantified value for change management's contribution to a project. Register here.

Change Management Job Trends: Monday 5th August, 9am BST/4pm SGT

Permanent job roles dedicated to change management are on the rise. Learn how the discipline of change management is evolving and what the job market looks like now and for the future. In this interactive webinar we reveal the latest trends in the change management job market, including data on jobs by region and industry, prevalence of emerging career paths, salary averages, and roles and responsibilities. We'll also provide you with a brief introduction to Prosci’s newest offering as a solution to these emerging job trends. Register here.


Advanced Applications in Change Management

The advanced applications of change management webinar series will provide guidance on how to drive change management beyond the project level. In this five part series, you will learn how to improve your internal credibility by changing how you talk about change management,  delve deeper into the Prosci ADKAR® Model to help you achieve more successful personal and organisational change, finally we'll touch upon key themes to help you progress your organisation’s change capability:

Building Enterprise Change Capability with Project ECM: Friday 7th June, 9am BST/4pm SGT

It's time to move out of the mindset of slimply doing more change management across your organisation and start moving toward deploying change management and building organisational change capability. This webinar will help you develop your project and change management plan to institutionalise change management as a fundemental competency accross your business. After all, failing to treat this effort as a project and a change is one of the most common mistakes change managers make. Register here.

Change Management Takes Change Management: Monday 17th June, 9am BST/4pm SGT

Learn about the key principles of sponsorship, audience-specific WIIFM, communication, resistance management, and reinforcement when the change you are trying to manage is change management.  The Prosci ADKAR model and 10 aspects of job impact will be discussed for 5 key roles necessary to deliver the expected results and outcomes from change management. Register here.

Advanced Applications of ADKAR: Friday 28th June, 9am BST/4pm SGT

You may love the Prosci ADKAR® Model, but are you using it to its full potential? Do you use ADKAR to optimise the timing of your change management strategy? Do you leverage ADKAR as a powerful coaching framework for leaders? Whether you’re new to ADKAR or have been using it in your change management work for some time, this webinar will give you new perspective on how to maximise your use of this simple framework to achieve more successful personal and organisational change. Register here.

6 Lessons Learned in Change Maturity: Friday 5th July, 9am BST/4pm SGT

Join CMC as we discuss key factors in building organisational change management capability. This webinar will cover an analysis of 10 ECM case studies and 6 strategic themes for building enterprise change capability that emerged from these real stories. You will; explore each strategic theme, see how other organisations have leveraged the strategy, share and gain real-time insights on each theme from other change professionals, interactively build plans to leverage these lessons in your own ECM journey and walk away with next steps you can take to progress your organisation’s change capability. Register here.

Stop Talking About what you do and Start Talking about what you Deliver: Monday 29th July, 9am BST/4pm SGT

If you have ever needed more buy-in and commitment to change management; if you have ever been challenged about the value and importance of change management; if you are tired of being the last on the agenda and the first off the agenda – don’t miss this webinar. Learn how to gain credibility and commitment by changing how you talk about change management. By shifting from talking about “what you do” to talking about “what you deliver” – you can earn a permanent seat at the table and show the value of change management within the context of project success. Register here.

How Change Management

This webinar series tackles the common challenges and obstacles when implementing change management for your change projects and within your organisation.

How to Engage Sponsors: Wednesday 29th May, 9am BST/4pm SGT

The fact that effective sponsorship is the top contributor to success is no surprise. Neither is the fact that many change practitioners still struggle to get the caliber of sponsorship they need from senior leaders. In this interactive webinar, learn how to enlist with context and language, engage in a symbiotic relationship, and empower by building competencies, the leaders you need to step up as great sponsors. Register here.

How to Manage Resistance: Friday 31st May, 9am BST/4pm SGT

Knowing how to manage resistance in your change management practice is absolutely critical to success. Without effective resistance management, adoption and usage comes into immediate risk, and could pose project issues downstream.This webinar explores how to manage resistance and discusses the foundation of resistance along with three avenues for managing resistance: Resistance prevention, proactive resistance management and reactive resistance management. Register here.

How to Drive Adoption with 5 Strategic Change Plans: Friday 14th June 9am BST/4pm SGT

Implementing effective change requires involvement from many people in the organisation. Leaders, managers and front-line employees ultimately deliver the changes developed by program, project and change teams. Each role’s relationship with change is different, and each has different responsibilities in implementing change management. Learn Prosci’s role-based, research-derived approach to delivering change results and outcomes by catalysing individual adoption and usage of change. Register here.

How to Integrate Project Management and Change Management: Monday 1st July, 9am BST/4pm SGT

For change initiatives to deliver results and outcomes, structured approaches are needed for both the technical side of change (through project management) and for the people side of the change (through change management). The technical side ensures that solutions are designed, developed and delivered effectively. The people side ensures that the solution is embraced, adopted and used proficiently. These two complementary disciplines share a common objective - to improve the performance of the organization by implementing a change. However, bringing these two disciplines together can sometimes be challenging. This webinar looks at how to integrate change management and project management across five dimensions to deliver benefit realization and a unified value proposition for change. Register here.

How to Write a Business Case for Change Management: Friday 2nd August, 9am BST/4pm SGT

Making an effective case for change management at the offset of your project, ensures that the necessary change activities will not lack the buy-in and support needed to deliver adoption and usage. This webinar explores the Business Case for Change Management Template as a vehicle for creating buy-in by answering the following questions: What is a business case? What is the value of change management? And what is a section-by-section breakdown of the Business Case Template? Register here.