Prosci Webinars: New Series Starts with Enterprise Change Management Month!

    Sep 25, 2020 | Posted by Rhys Tompkins

    Once again, we're delighted to be bringing you a new series of Prosci change management webinars, starting in October with Enterprise Change Management Month!

    Throughout the month of October, we'll be delivering five webinars that aim to help you develop your project and change management plan to institutionalise change management as a fundamental competency across your business.

    What is Enterprise Change Management?

    Organisations across the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of change management. Many see change management as something to consider on a project to project basis.

    On the other hand, there are also a number of organisations who are realising the benefit of deploying enterprise change management, and as a result, are seeing benefits that are giving them an advantage over their competitors. 

    Prosci lists three pieces of criteria that tell us when an organisation is effectively practicing change management:

    1. There is a common set of processes and tools

    2. High level of leadership competency at all levels

    3. The organisation is flexible, ready and responsive to change

    The aim of each topic during Enterprise Change Management Month is to provide you with food for thought, before embarking on the ECM journey. Including;

      • The benefits of a common change management approach across your organisation
      • How to gain executive buy-in for change management
      • Understanding that embedding change management as a fundamental competency needs to be handled as a change in itself

    Download: 6 Tactics for Growing Enterprise Change Management

    6 Tactics

    Building Enterprise Change Capability with Project ECM
    It’s time to move out of the mindset of simply doing more change management across your organisation and start moving toward deploying change management and building organisational change capability.

    Friday 2nd October, 9am: Register here

    Stop Talking About what you do and Start Talking About what you Deliver
    Earn a permanent seat at the table by showing the value of change management within the context of project success.

    Friday 9th October, 9am: Register here

    Organisational Agility as a Strategic Imperative
    With an ever-increasing velocity of change and greater demand to achieve expected results, organisations that develop agility as a core competency set themselves apart from competitors and succeed at adapting to continually shifting market demands. In this webinar we explore why change agility is critical, how you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, and ways to improve.

    Friday 16th October, 9am: Register here

    Developing Role Based Change Competency in an ECM Framework
    Organisational change management capability is an enabler of agility, mitigator of saturation, provider of competitive advantage and facilitator of strategic progress. But growing this capability takes more than talk; it takes structure and intent. Join us for an interactive webinar that reviews the tools, tactics and approaches for increasing organizational maturity.

    Friday 23rd October, 9am: Register here

    Change Management Takes Change Management
    Applying change management principles to “doing change management” is necessary to encourage the adoption and usage of change management in your organisation. Learn what to do when the change you are trying to manage is change management.

    Friday 30th October, 9am: Register here

    Following Enterprise Change Management Month, we'll be delivering webinars from our 'How to'  series in November, wrapping up the series in December with two of our fundamental change management topics! Take a look at the full schedule.

    We hope you can join us!

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