How we've pulled together to produce a virtual experience we're truly proud of

    May 11, 2020 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    Like so many of us, the team here at CMC Partnership Global have been on our own unique change journey in the last six weeks.  While our business volume is down and we have yet to emerge from the impact of lockdowns and circuit-breakers we’ve pulled together in a way we could not have predicted, to enable virtual delivery of our own and Prosci's training programmes. 

    Our Instructors have become Host broadcasters, our Training Managers have become virtual event Producers, and we've transformed our homes into studios likened to the “mothership”.

    Our Operations staff have worked miracles, delivering physical and virtual Prosci training materials to doorsteps and email boxes globally  - think Mongolia, Singapore, New Zealand, China, UK etc - and we've all stepped into new roles, often out of our comfort and time-zones, working as one Global team to help provide the change management support many are needing right now.

    Over the last month, we’ve virtually certified over 100 individuals as Prosci Change Management Practitioners and trained several others in various aspects and roles in Change Management - think how to integrate Agile and change management, how to be a better Sponsor, Manager and Leader of change etc.

    While delivery of these virtual experiences is an achievement in itself, we only succeed when we know we’ve left our participants with the knowledge and tools to do change well.  And that requires feedback and practice from them and by them.

    It has been especially interesting to me that when considering enrolment on virtual training most participants were and are a) sceptical of its value compared to a face to face classroom experience, b) hadn't actually experienced virtual training before and c) weren't sure how they could fit it around their new found home life with children and animals roaming free.

    Naturally they expected virtual training to be less valuable, less flexible, and therefore it needed to be cheaper than the classroom experience. We know it isn't, the infrastructure to enable this to happen is certainly not inexpensive. So what was their feedback after the event?

    We’d like to share feedback from four of our Change Practitioners who recently certified on one of our Virtual Prosci Change Management Practitioner Programmes.

    Rachel Watkins from Kinsmore Consulting certified last week and has already seen the fruits of her labour and even better, immediate ROI!

    “Thank you for a FANTASTIC 3 days! Your passion and energy across never wavered! I loved the anecdotes you were able to provide that kept the theory grounded in reality”

    Within an hour of completing her training, Rachel told us that she had a call with her client and was able to immediately apply what she’d been taught and with that, her client wanted to increase her visibility on the project team.

    “Given that my aim was to expand value beyond the employee comms consulting, this has been well and truly achieved - immediate ROI! And key to keeping my contract alive at this time... huge thanks once again”

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    Not only do we train and certify individuals, we have also run private virtual courses for teams from within the same organisation who are leading change initiatives. One of our participants, Charlotte Love from the Ministry of Defence told us that the most valuable part of the course was “Clear teaching with examples to illustrate concepts and workshopping with colleagues from around the department” .

    "I set myself a few goals this year, and to establish myself in the field of change management was a big one. Huge thank you to my beautiful wife for looking after our daughter while I was locked away in our spare room studying and to my Dad for helping me to get the pennies together.

    I was very impressed at what a great job the CMC partnership Global team did, facilitating virtual training isn't easy and you guys were amazing. Now on to change the world one implementation and process at a time"- Casper Kennedy Carr

    and finally..

    "This course is a deep dive, intensive masterclass on successfully deploying any business change project using proven methodologies based on extensive research and thousands of successful deployments.

    The virtual 3 day certification course works beautifully too, giving you the time and space to think, interact through virtual groups, share knowledge and participate fully - you don't even realise you're not in the same room together!

    What really makes the difference to the quality of learning is the broad commercial and operational experience and deep technical change management skills that the CMC Prosci Instructors bring and I came away with "weaponized knowledge" on advanced change management techniques.

    An absolute must if you want to deploy change projects consistently well!"

    - Chris Pereira, Change Management Practitioner.

    It’s been a fast and hard journey, but we’re pleased to have got this virtual experience off the ground and that we are continuing to deliver value to you, our customers in this time of change. 

    Stay well, stay safe #lovechangemanagement

    Virtual training Setup

    One of our virtual training rooms!

    If you’re interested in gaining your Prosci Certification this month or next in UK, Singapore or Italy time-zones, and in recognition of the unprecedented levels of change we are all having to manage, we are delighted to offer a complimentary, two-hour coaching session with one of our Prosci Certified Advanced Instructors as part of your enrolment – find out more here and take a look at the dates we have available.

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