Prosci Strategic Alignment workshop

This strategy planning, two-day workshop is a kick-start for the development of enterprise change capability.

The aim is to bring together key individuals from the same organisation who have a common interest in driving forward change management, enabling them to contribute to a range of outputs required to plan and create a structured change management approach. 

Who should attend?

Anywhere between 4 - 20 participants from your organisation, preferably: 

  • Executive sponsor
  • Deployment leader
  • Functional leadership
  • Key organisational influencers

Why attend?

The key objective of this workshop is to align a core team of your organisations key stakeholders, and develop a robust strategy for delivering enhanced organisational change capability. 

CMC’s expert facilitator will help you document the organisational ambition for change while you articulate the vision and accelerate your capability development. The workshop leverages a research-based change management maturity analysis and facilitates the establishment of a tactical plan to make your vision a reality.

Workshop topics covered

  • Agree enterprise-level change management deployment ambitions
  • Mapping change management maturity
  • Aligning enterprise change management goals
  • Exploring change management roles and responsibilities
  • Creating and deploying your change management roadmap
  • Establishing key program milestones
  • Refining communication and planning for success

Workshop Objectives 

Participants will co-create the following workshop deliverables:

  • A shared vision for change capability with a direct link to your organisational strategy 
  • An understanding of the goals and objectives of building the organisation’s change capability
  • Analysis of the current state
  • A clear definition of the desired future state
  • A detailed roadmap to close the gap between your current state and desired future state
  • A set of clearly defined roles and responsibilities for key change-enabling roles 
  • A sequence of events to develop enhanced organisational change capability

Download the Strategic Alignment workshop brochure

Delivery Options

The Strategic Alignment Workshop can be facilitated at client offices or at an off-site location convenient to your organisation anywhere in the world. If you would like to find out more about how this workshop could benefit you and your organisation, please ENQUIRE using the contact form below or call +44 (0)1600 740 023.