Prosci Sponsor Briefing

This one-day workshop equips Executives and Senior Leaders with the skills and techniques to lead and sponsor successful organisational change. 

Executives and Senior Leaders are shown how to assess the status of their organisation’s change portfolio, and how to use Prosci’s research-based methodology to maximise the return-on-investment of the changes they are leading. 

"Active & visible sponsorship is the number one contributor to overall project success" Prosci Best Practices Report 2018

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Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for small private groups of Executives and Senior Leaders that serve as sponsors of business change.

Why Attend?

During this one-day workshop, Executives and Leaders will learn to:

  • Understand how effective change management improves organisational results
  • Clarify the role of senior leaders as sponsors in times of change
  • Evaluate their current change portfolio to identify project and people-side risk
  • Assess their own level of competency in sponsoring and leading strategic changes
  • Learn how to position themselves and their projects for strategic success
  • Learn immediately applicable tactics for becoming a more active and visible sponsor
  • Explore best practices research on the connection between sponsorship, the people side of change and achieving organisational results
  • Understand how to ensure adequate resourcing for change management at the initiative and project level
  • Gain an appreciation for their role as a sponsor from a senior Prosci instructor with executive experience to reinforce learning in a peer-to-peer context

Topics Covered

  • The connection between Change Management and financial performance
  • The Prosci® ADKAR™ model and the role of sponsors in change
  • What messages your employees want to hear from you and the role of managers and team leaders

Course materials include:

  • Executive Guide to Managing Change,
  • Best Practices in Change Management Benchmarking Study
  • ADKAR™ A Model for Change in Business, Government and Our Community
  • Change Management - The People Side of Change

Delivery Options

Training can be provided at client offices or at an off-site location convenient to your organisation anywhere in the world. If you would like to find out more about how this programme could benefit you and your organisation, or would like to book a training course with CMC Partnership please ENQUIRE using the contact form below or call +44 (0)1600 740 023.

Enquire about this course

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