Prosci licensing options

Prosci Licensing offers your organisation greater flexibility when deploying change management on projects and across the entire organisation. 

With unlimited access to Prosci’s patented change management models and methodologies, you can customise these materials with your branding, your company culture, and your language. It’s everything you need to build change capability at the organisational level.

CMC can assist you to assess the best option for your organisation. Please get in touch to arrange a discussion about Prosci licensing.

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What does Prosci licensing offer?

Customisation - adapt Prosci methodologies to your unique needs and audiences and customise Prosci training materials with your corporate brand.

Integration - embed Prosci change processes and initiatives into your existing employee and leadership development programs.

Scalability - build capability in any level of your organisation—from individual skills to enterprise-level change—with ready access to change management training and tools.


What does this mean for you?

Given the knowledge you have of your organisation's culture, values and business model, you know that one size does not fit all when it comes to change management. 

In addition to Prosci licensing, CMC offers additional solutions for building Enterprise change management capability: 


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