What's new with the 2021 Prosci Methodology Enhancements?

Stay one step ahead with Prosci's enhanced methodology and tools

Prosci have recently made some important enhancements to their methodology and tools, which brings new opportunities for you as a Change Management Practitioner.

This year's methodology has been updated with change management processes, enhanced Prosci models and a new robust set of digital, cloud-based tools have been developed to elevate change success in a structured and repeatable way.

It really gives you the capability of creating and executing more flexible change management strategies in 3D.

For a complete overview about what's changed and why, download the Enhanced Prosci Methodology eBook or recap our exploration on the Enhanced Prosci Methodology and Tools webinar. Watch here. 

If you're excited by these changes and would like to have full access to the enhanced Prosci Methodology, including a 12 month subscription to the new set of tools in the Prosci Hub Solution Suite, we have a few options for you. 

We have several options for you if you're ready to upgrade 

1. Attend a 1-day Methodology Application Workshop

Designed for Practitioners currently active and familiar with the previous Prosci Practitioner eToolkit, this one-day workshop teaches you how to leverage the refreshed methodology and become familiar with the new robust, user-friendly tools in the game-changing Prosci Hub Solution Suite.

As an attendee, you will receive a one-year subscription to the new Prosci Hub cloud-based tools and content.

Find out more and register for the Methodology Application Programme here or use the form on this page to request a follow-up for Private training. 

2. Re-attend the three day Prosci Practitioner Certification Programme (and receive a 50% discount)

Designed for Prosci Practitioners who may have certified some time ago and would now like to reactivate their change management skillset CMC Global are offering a 50% discount to take the latest 3-day Prosci Practitioner certification program. 

Enjoy hands-on learning in this immersive three-day experience, applying holistic change management methodologies and tools to one of your projects and gain a one-year subscription to the new Prosci Hub Solution Suite .

Find out more about the three-day Prosci Change Management Certification Programme here and use the form on this page to request your discount.

3. Overview of the enhanced Prosci Methodology webinar 

Recap our exploration on the Enhanced Prosci Methodology and Tools. Watch here.

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The 2021 Enhanced Prosci Methodology eBook

Enhance Methodology eBook

We’re excited to share that Prosci has made important enhancements to their methodology—to a number of the change management processes, models, assessments and tools to elevate practitioner and project success. Learn more about the enhancements in this eBook.