Prosci Business Case for Change Management

This one-day workshop shows participants how to apply the structure of a business case to change management, and provides a method and tool for demonstrating the ROI of change management. 

Change management practitioners are often required to justify investment in change management - this course is designed help them do so. 

Who should attend?

This workshop is for those aiming to persuade others of the value of change management. It is not essential to have any particular qualifications or experience in change management, though it is assumed that participants have a grasp of key change management concepts and activities.

Why Attend?

If you have ever been challenged to justify the value of change management, or struggled to gain commitment to change management, this workshop will provide you with a structured approach and tools for building a business case which demonstrates the ROI of investing in change management.

Participants begin to apply the Prosci tools to their own projects, demonstrating the contribution of change management to organisational benefits.

Participants leave fully equipped to develop a structured business case for change management, drawing on their project-specific data to demonstrate the ROI of investing the change management.


Topics include

  • The ROI of change management.

  • Critical assumptions and risk assessment.
  • The impact of employee adoption and usage on results and outcomes.

  • Why is the business case valuable?

  • Cost-benefit analysis.
Business Case Workshop

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Learning Objectives

Participants are guided through the process of building a business case for change management by one of CMC’s Prosci Certified Instructors, gaining access to the following essential Prosci tools: Prosci Business Case for Change Management Template and a 12 month subscription to the Change Management ROI (CMROI) Calculator.

Course materials iconCourse Materials

Prosci® Change Management Guide for Managers

Best Practices in Change Management Benchmarking Study

ADKAR™: A Model for Change in Business, Government and Our Community

The Employee’s Survival Guide to Change and

Change Management: The People Side of Change.

Delivery options

Private courses can be facilitated on client site or at a venue of your choice, anywhere in the world.  Please ENQUIRE by using the contact form above, or call +44 (0)1600 740 215.

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