Accelerator for Change


A Project Accelerator for Change is where CMC Global Change Experts meet you where you are in your change journey with the intention of adding ‘go faster’ stripes!

We will identify what may be blocking progress and what could propel you forward. We will consider the technical (project management) and the people (change management) sides of change with the intention of accelerating both capability delivery and adoption of the new ways of working.

The Project Accelerator creates a safe space for collaboration, enabling participants to focus on what really matters, share what is known and what is not, increase understanding and agreement about direction, priorities and plan. We bring thought-provoking questions, change expertise and independent facilitation; you bring knowledge of the project, the organisation and your people.

Think of this Accelerator as a boot camp to help you solidify your intent and move up the pace!

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1 day


Virtual or In-person


2 Days


How does it work and who is it for?

The two- day Accelerator provides the structure, CMC Global facilitates and advises, and you feed in your challenges and aspirations. It’s for Project Sponsors and their teams who are ‘stuck’ or have recognised that their change plans are just not covering the ground fast enough.

  • Project Manager
  • Change Management Practitioner
  • Sponsor
  • Impacted Operational Leads
  • Any other team members who recognise the need to move forward faster
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Interested in private training for your organisation?

Get in touch for a private Accelerator workshop. Enquire here for more information.

Is there any pre-work?

A little, to make sure we understand your challenges.

Nominate your contact and we’ll work with them prior to the workshop to agree the focus of the Accelerator and obtain the necessary information and background on the project to scope out what is needed.

All of this is done, of course, under a confidentiality agreement. We do not need a lot of preparation to get underway!


What will we do together over the 2 days?

  • Get clear on the ambition, identify blockers for change, evaluate options

  • Make decisions and form agreements on action to be taken or mindsets to be changed

  • Agree the plan and get clarity on what your ‘ask’ is of others to not just launch, but also to successfully land the change.

What will you be able to do afterwards?

You’ll walk away with the project on a better footing based on the work done during the Accelerator. You will also have clear steps to take based on a solid understanding of how your work relates to the work of others.

Plus, you’ll have a new understanding of change good practice that can be applied to this and any future initiatives.

What did others think? Take a look at our case study


The major challenge within the client’s organisation was how to ‘land’ the changes from multiple projects with busy ground staff in a relatively short window of time. “Project teams initially saw their job as ‘throwing’ the changes to the ground staff and just expected them to be able to ‘catch’”

“Although CMC Global came from the outside, we worked together as a team, with a shared passion for the mission of the organisation and how success in these changes would contribute.”

Download the Case Study and see what the client had to say!


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