Frequently Asked Questions - Practitioner Course

Accommodation and Meals
Online Booking and Payment
Course Pre-requisites
Course Pre-work
After the course

Accommodation and Meals

Will I need to book my own accommodation?
Yes, you are responsible for booking your own accommodation at the venue. 

What are the timings for the three days?
Take a look at the Agenda for the timings.

Are my meals included in the price of the course?
Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the three days of training.

Online booking and payment

Can I pay by credit or debit card?
Yes, the on-line booking system accepts credit or debit card payment. 

How do I pay by Bank Transfer, PO or alternative methods of payment?
Please ENQUIRE using the contact form and we’ll get in touch to arrange other methods of payment.  Please note that payment must be received in advance of course dates and your place will be only be secured once payment is received by CMC.

Can I get a discount if my colleague wants to attend the same course?
Yes, if you register to attend the open enrolment training on the same course dates with up to two colleagues, we will automatically discount the price of all the team places by 4%.

For slightly larger groups, generally 8-16, we are able to organise private on-site training which has a different fee structure; but would typically be more cost effective per person. If you are interested in this option then please ENQUIRE and a member of the CMC team will be in touch.

Are the course fees inclusive of VAT and what if I am UK tax exempt?
Applicable tax will be added to all bookings at the current prevailing rate.  If your organisation is UK tax exempt, please ENQUIRE using the contact form at the bottom of this page, rather than purchasing online.

I’ve paid for my course, but I can no longer make that date, can I transfer onto another course or cancel?
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for our cancellation policy

Course pre-requisites

Is any prior knowledge of Change Management or Project Management needed to attend?
There is no prior specific knowledge of Change Management needed, but some experience on project delivery or change will be helpful, but not essential. The programme is designed to cater for a range of experience for people new to Change Management through to experienced practitioners. During the training, CMC’s experienced practitioner is on hand to support Individuals in the group, as required.

Course Pre-work

What will I need to prepare before the course?
During the programme, you will be working on a real-life project that is currently underway or being planned in your organisation. You will be applying the methodology and tools from the training to your project. The output from this project work includes deliverables that you can use when you return from the training.  We therefore ask you to prepare a short project summary of your choosing, to be submitted prior to the course.

You will also be asked to read sections from the ADKAR book and a Guide to Change Management Concepts in advance of the course.

What if I don't have a current change project?
If you don’t have a current change project, we suggest you use a project or change that you may have been aware of or involved in during your career. This can be anything from introducing a new process or system to restructuring a department, or changing job roles etc.

My project is confidential, can I still use it and will it be kept confidential?
Participants may have concerns about providing project information in their pre-work, as many change projects can be highly confidential. On these occasions we recommend the participant to highlight this to the CMC Training Manager when submitting your pre-work, so discretion can be used during the training session and for highly sensitive projects, to obfuscate information in the pre-work as required.

CMC email is not encrypted, therefore for highly sensitive change projects, course participants are encouraged to use password protection on the documents they share with the CMC Training team and to provide the access code in a separate communication.

As an alternative, you may want to think of a project that is complete and non-confidential so that you can explore the project more openly with the group.

After the course

I recently completed the Change Management practitioner course, is there a badge I can use or a certification/accreditation number?
You will receive a Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner certification badge that you can add to your email signature, LinkedIn profile and business card.

Prosci do not provide certification/accreditation numbers.  Instead, Prosci record the licence assigned to your email address; and this, together with the certificate that you were awarded, is proof of your certification and attendance at the Practitioner training.

Will I receive a certificate? If so, in what format?
CMC Partnership will issue certificates where required for Prosci accredited training courses. One certificate is issued per delegate, this certificate is issued in a printed format with a Prosci certified seal. The certificate cannot be provided electronically, and only one copy is printed. If the certificate is lost or damaged and a replacement is required, CMC will issue one under the following conditions:

  • We are satisfied you can evidence that you have completed a Prosci accredited training course with CMC
  • You pay the relevant fees of: £25 admin fee +VAT and our postage costs to your location
  • No alterations are made to the details on the certificate issued (except in the case where evidence is provided of a change of name)  

Please note the replacement certificate will not be provided until payment has been received in full.  

How long you can I say that I am a Prosci-certified Change Management Professional e.g. is it a permanent status once you have completed and passed the 3 day course, or is there a re-certification process?
If you are attending the course as an individual and pay for yourself, the licence is for life and will move around with you throughout your career.  If you attend the course as a representative of your company and they pay for you, your company is the licence holder and may retain the licence. We recommend you speak to your employer if you are leaving the organisation to establish if they will allow you to retain your license.

My team members are interested in taking the course, how do I arrange a Private On-site course?
Private on-site courses can be organised for your team at a venue of your choosing, such as at your offices or other suitable venue. If you wish to purchase more than three places on a training course, or require further information please ENQUIRE using the contact form at the bottom of this page. CMC will then contact you to provide more information and to discuss your requirements.

What other courses do you offer for other roles in my organisations? Specifically for those who do not have experience in Change Management?
CMC Partnership offer a wide range of courses for all types of roles, from sponsors and leaders, to project managers and all employees. To find out more, take a look at our full list of courses

I would appreciate some experienced coaching support to accelerate my use of the Prosci approach and toolkit after the training programme. What other support can CMC provide?
We offer direct access to impartial external advice through face to face or remote sessions with CMC’s Prosci Experienced Practitioners, giving you access to our expertise, knowledge and techniques and helping you to build your confidence, capability and effectiveness. It can be provided one-to-one or for small groups. For more information, take a look at the Practitioner Plus Programme