Prosci® Delivering Project Results Workshop

Whilst we are in this era of remote working, this workshop is currently being delivered virtually, in a fully hosted online experience, using the latest interactive and collaborative platforms.


This interactive one-day workshop uses active projects to help project managers and change practitioners find a common language for successfully integrating change. The workshop is avilable both on-premise and virtually using a robust online platform.

 This results-oriented session digs into the intent, objectives, scope, workstreams, milestones, deliverables and timelines of your project to help project managers and teams adapt to change and understand its benefits.

Hosted by a Prosci® Advanced Instructor and with interactive facilitation tools, polls, and techniques, we have made the this experiential workshop an engaging and unique experience. 

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Who should attend?

The workshop is for project managers in charge of current projects, project teams, and project team members. It also benefits anyone looking to effectively head up future projects within their organisation including; solution developers, Lean and Six Sigma practitioners, Organisation Excellence practitioners and Organisation Development practitioners.

Learning objectives

  • Connect employee adoption to your project’s results and identify impacted employee groups

  • Understand how change management drives better adoption and usage

  • Create a common framework for engaging with change management practitioners

  • Map change management work to your project’s lifecycle using the Prosci Change Management Blueprint

  • Learn to identify when your project needs change management

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Programme Agenda

Topics covered include: 

  • Defining change management within the context of a project, including intent, objectives, scope, workstreams, milestones, deliverables and timelines

  • Integrating project management and change management for people, processes and tools

  • Analysing the cost-benefit comparison of change management

  • Learning how to get started

  • Examining the payoff of change management

Course materials iconCourse Materials 

  • Programme Workbook

  • Placemat

  • Assessments


" A completely different way of looking at change management in a simple easy to understand language."
-Chris Owen, Sony



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