Introducing Two Skill Builders for Change

    May 16, 2022 | Posted by Quentin Orsmond

    For more than 20 years – CMC Partnership Global has been helping individuals and teams from organisations develop their change skills. In doing this, we see the same change-related issues time-and-time again.   

    As a result, we’ve recently developed some new initiatives in the form of interactive, action-oriented workshops developed and run by CMC Global subject-matter experts, using content and tools we’ve developed ourselves to help individuals and / or teams move change projects forward. 

    These workshops are about giving individuals and teams the tools and skills to increase productivity, all within a safe environment. 

    One of these is a CMC SKILL BUILDER: it’s where CMC Instructors empower and enable you to increase your knowledge and ability in a change-related skill.   

    And sometimes those who need these skills aren’t specifically those who are already engaged in change, as you’ll see.  

    There are currently two flavours of SKILL BUILDER: 



    Here in South Africa, we’re now running these SKILL BUILDERS for individuals – you can book your place on our public workshop this July:

    For a little more detail, watch the video from South Africa’s Quentin Orsmond or read on...

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    The eight-hour COMMUNICATION FOR PEOPLE MANAGERS SKILL BUILDER is for existing and potential people managers who want to understand how to use the skill of change communication to lead their team through change confidently. 

    It’s for people managers who’ve been asked to lead their team through an organisational change but find the idea daunting as they have little or no experience in change management.  

    • How do they communicate with confidence when they don’t have all the answers?  
    • How do they discuss the change with their team in a way that will maximise their team’s support and action?  

    The eight hours of learning is usually broken up into two four-hour sessions: the first session focuses on PREPARING TO COMMUNICATE CHANGE, and the second session is about how to ENGAGE WITH YOUR TEAMS - in other words, how you have conversations (including the difficult ones) and communicate the change with your teams. 

    DOWNLOAD: Communication for People Managers Leaflet

    Comms-SB-leaflet---Jan13 (1)

    You’ll walk away with the Skill Builder WORKBOOK containing the fundamental information of what we teach during the two sessions.  You’ll also have a GAP MAP and an INFO-METER. We also provide you with a very useful COMMUNICATION PLAN TEMPLATE which takes you through the step-by-step process of being able to gather information, engage with your employees and then also follow-up on questions where the information was possibly not ready for initial engagement around the change communication.  Find out more.

    The one-day PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILL BUILDER is for people who have little or no previous experience of project management and have been asked to manage a project that will result in changes to ways of working. 

    It will help you kick-start and build your project management skills, under the guidance of a CMC Global Instructor who has many years of first-hand knowledge and experience applying this skill set to a variety of business changes. 

    You’ll learn from the experts, then apply your learnings to a real-life project you’ll have brought with you – we call it a Project on a Page. 

    Throughout the day we’ll be introducing the CMC Skills Builder Toolkit: a practical, online toolkit comprising everything you need to see a project through from start to finish.  You’ll have access to the Toolkit for the following 12 months as you build out and implement your new Project Management for Change skills.  

    DOWNLOAD: Project Management Foundation Level Leaflet


    We’ll introduce you to the key aspects of project management and provides you with the knowledge of how to apply a formal, structure and intent to your Project Management, giving you the visibility and control to ensure that your Project succeeds in meetings its objectives. Find out more.

    The SKILL BUILDERS are highly-interactive and practical: they’re definitely not death-by-PowerPoint!  We share information but allow plenty of opportunity for you to engage with the content and tools that we provide, through break-out sessions and plenty of Q&A. Find out more.

    We look forward to seeing you at one of the CMC SKILL BUILDERS here in South Africa, and we could even run one just for your team.  If you have any questions or just want a chat, please simply get in touch.   

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