5 fundamental elements of digital culture

    Aug 3, 2021 | Posted by Isabella Brusati

    Digital transformation is a fast-growing phenomenon, and the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated this process in many sectors of the economy. One of the myths of digital transformation is that to be a digital organization it is enough to develop digital products and services. In fact, this is only one aspect. In fact, what also matters is the cultural change related to the implementation, adoption and use of such products and services and that translates into new behaviours. That is, the human component of change management.

    Digital transformation requires a cultural change, that is, values and behaviours that define how you work in a company. In the article: "It's not a Digital Transformation Without a Digital Culture”, BGC reports that companies that focus on digital culture have performed 5 times more than those that have ignored this aspect.

    The digital culture that is the basis of a successful digital transformation is therefore one of the main elements of this phenomenon. But how does a digital culture manifest itself? There are 5 key elements that distinguish digital culture:

    1. It promotes an outward, rather than inward orientation: digital culture encourages employees to interact with customers to create new solutions. In this creative process, employees identify as much as possible with consumers and create and develop products to improve the customer experience;

    2. It is more important to delegation than to control: employees follow guidelines on how to carry out their work and not explicit and specific instructions;

    3. It encourages taking risks instead of being cautious: the digital culture promotes taking risks, 'failing' quickly and learning from these experiences;

    4. It emphasises action more than planning: as the digital world is constantly changing, decision-making shifts from long-term planning to a short-term focus; and

    5. It values collaboration more than individual effort: success in a digital culture is a group effort that is based on the sharing of information and collaboration between different divisions and organisational functions.

    The emphasis on the fundamental elements of digital culture varies by industry and organisation. There is no monolithic digital culture.


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