CMC Prosci Practitioner Refresher Workshop

This interactive half-day workshop with a follow-on one hour remote coaching session provides Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioners with the opportunity to refresh their knowledge, skills and the application of their licensed Prosci tools to improve their ability to ensure effective change in their organisations.

The one-to-one coaching enables the individual participant to have a focused session to work through their specific change management challenges with a CMC Prosci Advanced Instructor.

Who should attend?
Learning objectives
Topics covered
Course material
After the Workshop - Remote Coaching Session
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Who should attend?

Prosci Change Management Certified Practitioners who... 

  • would like to refresh their knowledge and ability to effectively use Prosci’s structured approach to Change Management, Best Practices Research, methodologies and tools for effective change management
  • Are engaged in change management activities on an active project where adoption and usage of the new solution is directly impacted employee groups, and critical to the achievement of the business results expected from the project

Workshop Learning Objectives

Reconnect with the fundamentals of change and change management:

  • Improve your knowledge and ability to effectively use Prosci’s structured approach, Best Practices research, methodologies and tools for effective change management.

Improve the effectiveness of their change management approach and plans for their in-flight project:

  • Revise how to apply ADKAR and the Prosci 3-Phase Process change management methodology to their project.

Reduce the risk of their project failing after Go-Live due to a lower than expected level of user adoption. 

Topics covered in the half-day workshop

  • Why change management?
  • Building a business case (4Ps, Flight/Risk, ROI model)
  • Assessing your project health  (PCT, Risk model and Sponsor assessment diagram)
  • Best Practices Research and finding what you need
  • Seeing the world through the ADKAR Lens
  • Using the Prosci portal
  • Revision of the 3 Phase process (Impact Index Analysis, the five plans)

Please note: The workshop is facilitated using the Prosci 2018 Practitioner e-toolkit and materials. It is therefore recommended that participants upgrade to the 2018 Practitioner e-toolkit license prior to attending this workshop. Details can be found on the Prosci portal

Course Material

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with elements of the Prosci methodology before attending the workshop. 

After the Workshop - Remote one hour Coaching Session

In your remote one-to-one coaching session, we will support you and help you address the project challenges that you may be facing.

Typical challenges to be addressed can include topics such as:-

  • How to engage and coach a reluctant Sponsor in successfully leading change
  • How to structure the business case for investing in the right amount of change management for my project?
  • How to best apply the Prosci methodologies and tools end to end in my project?
  • How to best integrate my change management activities with the project management function?
  • How can I use my project as a foundation for establishing enterprise change management competency more widely in my organisation?
  • How can I determine the best set of measures and metrics for the people side of change in relation to my project?
  • How can I build the best Sponsorship coalition for my change project?
  • How can I successfully reinforce, recognise and reward the progress and results of my change project?
  • How can I build the best Resistance Management plan for my project?

Coaching session preparation

We will require a completed one page 4Ps project summary detailing Project Name, Purpose, Particulars and directly impacted groups of People, together with confirmation of one of the largest challenges with the project at this point in time.

The scheduling of the follow-on coaching session will be arranged via the CMC training team, you will be offered a one hour slot over two pre-arranged dates.

Delivery Options

The Practitioner Refresher workshop can be provided at client offices or at an off-site location convenient to your organisation anywhere in the world. If you would like to find out more about how this programme could benefit you and your organisation, or would like to book a training course with CMC Partnership please ENQUIRE using the contact form below or call +44 (0)1600 740 023.