CMC Practitioner Plus

Practitioner Plus provides Prosci Practitioners with direct access to impartial external advice through face-to-face or remote sessions with CMC’s Prosci Experienced Practitioners, giving you access to our expertise, knowledge and techniques and helping you to build your confidence, capability and effectiveness. It can be provided one-to-one or for small groups.

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Who should attend?

Any individual or group who has completed the Prosci Change Management Practitioner Course and feels they would benefit from further structured support to extend and reinforce their change management knowledge and abilities.

Why attend?

  • Accessible - sessions with a dedicated CMC Prosci Experienced Practitioner.
  • Practical -  action plans and learning materials following each session.
  • Results driven -  focused on specific change management goals.


  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Expert review
  • Facilitated workshops for the top team or project teams
  • Customised sessions for your team of change management practitioners

The CMC Prosci Experienced Practitioner brought lots of great change management experience, and had plenty of ideas to inspire me in my current work. It’s been great to have such an experienced sparring partner to discuss the day-to-day challenges in my programme.
Timm Urschinoupger, Manager and Senior Consultant, Arcondis Group

If you’re interested in expert change management support and advice focused on your particular situation - please ENQUIRE or call the CMC Team +44 (0)1600 740 023.