Change Success Journey

CMC Global is known for delivering training in Prosci, the most widely recognised change management approach in the world. Our vision is ‘change for good, together’, encapsulating our determination to help you accelerate the delivery, adoption and usage of new ways of working leading to improved business performance and increased change success.

The CMC Global team has a passion for all things change as well as expertise in a range of change-related disciplines. To enable your access to this expertise, we've developed our own exciting range of new services, take a look below

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Skills4Change® Workshops: teaching you new skills

Participating in a CMC Global Skills4Change® Workshop will increase your knowledge and ability in using a change-related skill.

Each workshop focuses on a different skill – and no previous experience is required.

You can choose between a virtual or in-person experience. In one day you will learn about key practices and try out a variety of tools and templates.

A Skills4Change Workshop enables hands-on application to your real-life challenges guided by a CMC Global Instructor who has many years of first-hand knowledge and experience applying this skill set to a variety of business changes.


Project Management Foundation Level

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Communication for
People Managers

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An Accelerator for Change workshop is where CMC Global Change Experts meet you and your teams exactly where you are in your change journey with the intention of adding ‘go faster’ stripes!

Perhaps you‘re trying to clearly define the change: you know why you want to move away from what you have today and can talk in broad terms about where you want to go - but you struggle to be clear about what specifically will change.

Or perhaps you’re in the middle of your change, and are blocked. An Accelerator for Change is a a safe space for collaboration for your and your teams, enabling participants to focus on what really matters, share what is known and what is not, increase understanding and agreement about direction, priorities and plan.

It’s a partnership between your project teams and CMC Global, with action-orientated sessions. Here are the two workshops we have available: 

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Personal Accelerators 

Personal Accelerators are one-on-one virtual sessions with a specific individual who has a key role within a change initiative and wishes to accelerate their ability and knowledge to apply concepts to their specific change or project.

A CMC Change expert who is also a Prosci Advanced Instructor will work with you to provide impartial advice, offering you access to our expertise, knowledge and techniques, to help build your confidence, capability and effectiveness.

Coaching and Mentoring

CMC also offers coaching and mentoring for your personal and professional development. Our experienced and qualified coaches have helped hundreds of individuals reach their full potential across both large global organisations and working across the public and private sectors.

Change Surgeries

CMC Global can run a change surgery as an opportunity for you and your teams to gain practical and expert change management advice. Whether you’re looking for a health check of your project’s current change status or you simply want to check in with the CMC Global team after having received some training, a Change Surgery could be valuable for you and your organisation.

Staff Augmentation for Change Delivery

In selected situations, CMC Global staff can augment your team and provide change management advice as well as hands-on delivery support.

In particular circumstances we will augment your team with our people to help optimise the adoption and usage of your change initiative. We believe in working as one seamless team, combining our change management expertise with your knowledge of the business.

Bespoke workshops

If your organisation has specific needs to help you with Change, then let us know. We’re very happy to develop a tailored session or workshop for you - as individuals or as a project team.


Get in touch if you'd like to have a chat to us about any of these services or workshops