About us

For more than 20 years, we have been helping individuals and organisations develop their change skills.

 We help you to increase change management capability inside your organisation through the provision of global Prosci® change management training, and ongoing advisory support.

We don't teach the theory. Using our 20+ years of experience in helping clients to deliver successful changes we should you how to do it in practice through fast-paced, engaging and proactive programmes that are delivered by experienced professionals. We pride ourselves in being able to share our subject matter expertise with you.

Ultimately, we arm you with the know-how to make sense of changes your teams are experiencing, and empower you with an industry-leading tool kit to enable you to maximise the business value from the change you are delivering.

In April 2023 we became part of Prosci.  

You’ll soon see some changes to our website and our logo, but everything else remains the same: it’s business as usual.  


Job Opportunities

We strive to create a growing team with exactly the right combination of skills to meet our client's needs.  The pace of our growth means that we are always looking for innovative people who share our vision and ambitions.

Take a look at some of the opportunities we have available:

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