Prosci® and ADKAR

Prosci® Methodologies

Whether you are new or experienced in the field of change management, Prosci® methodologies provide you with a structured approach to effectively manage the people side of change at the individual, organisational and enterprise levels.

At their core, Prosci's methodologies are developed from the collective lessons learned by those people and organisations who have been implementing small, medium and large changes across the globe, from all industries. With over 6,300 change initiatives analysed over the past years, Prosci has developed methodologies, and associated toolkits, that:

  • Are holistic and easy to use.

  • Offer clear frameworks, effective for any type or size of change, organisation or enterprise.

  • Include practical tools and assessments to use on your projects, programs and transformations, whether they are being developed with a “Waterfall” or “Agile” approach, enabling you to grow your own personal, as well as your organisation’s, change capacity and business results.

  • Integrate the individual, organisational and enterprise aspects and objectives of effective change.
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Effective Change requires individual, organisational and enterprise perspectives

Individual change management

ADKAR blocksIndividual change management allows us to understand how best to prepare, equip and support one person to successfully make a change in their daily ways of working.

Organisations don't change, individuals do. No matter how large of a project you are taking on, the success of that project ultimately lies with each employee doing their new work proficiently, multiplied across all of the employees impacted by the change. Effective change management requires an understanding for and appreciation of why and how one person makes a change successfully. Without an individual perspective, we are left with expensive new capabilities being built and deployed, but with fewer benefits and results delivered than originally expected and often slower than expected as well, due to a lack of adoption and usage.

The Prosci ADKAR model provides a framework for effective individual change management.

Organisational change management

Prosci 3 Phase ProcessOrganisational change management is required to structure complex changes that often require many people to change their daily ways of working to a deadline, or in response to a change in demand from our customers, markets or environment.

While successful change happens one person at a time, processes and tools are required to help facilitate this change across groups and organisations efficiently. When there is an organisational change management perspective, a structured approach and set of tools can be applied to reduce the time taken to deliver organisational benefits and to maximise the size of these benefits. .

The Prosci 3 Phase Organisational Process provides a framework for effective organisational change management.

Enterprise Change Management

Prosci ECM Strategy MapWith the relentless pace and volume of change in today’s world people at all levels in an enterprise need to grow their “muscle memory” to respond effectively and efficiently, to more and more new change initiatives, based upon their role in the organisation and best practices. Without a structured and intentional plan to maximise the value from multiple changes, strategic opportunities to grow and expand can be lost to competitors, and service levels and results will decline.

The Prosci Enterprise Change Management (ECM) Process provides a framework for effective enterprise change management.

ADKAR: An Easy-To-Use Model for Individual Change

The first step in managing any type of organisational change is understanding how to manage change with a single individual. Prosci's model of individual change is called the Prosci ADKAR Model, an acronym for awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement®. In essence, an individual needs:

IT - ADKAR Image

ADKAR describes successful change at the individual level. When an organisation undertakes an initiative, that change only happens when the employees who have to do their jobs differently can say with confidence, "I have the awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement to make this change happen."

Because it outlines the goals or outcomes of successful change, ADKAR is an effective tool for:

  • Planning change management activities
  • Diagnosing gaps
  • Developing corrective actions
  • Supporting managers and supervisors

Addressing the challenges of change is much simpler with a structured framework. Interested in learning more about ADKAR?

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Download our eBook – The Prosci® ADKAR Model Overview

Change is often a complex and difficult process. Leading successful change in other people and across whole organisations requires new thinking and new tools. The Prosci® ADKAR Model is a valuable framework for organisational leaders, change managers and project managers to effectively lead a wide variety of changes. The lens of ADKAR reveals both key concepts that influence successful change and actionable insights for implementing these concepts.

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