About CMC Partnership Global

We are a leading provider of expertise in change management.

We help you to increase change management capability and capacity inside your organisation through provision of global Prosci® change management training and advisory support.

How we work

We have a range of training programs, both classroom-based and/or  technology-led, that help your people to acquire change management skills, so that they can better implement successful change themselves.

We don’t just teach the theory.  Using our 20+ years of experience in helping clients to deliver successful changes we show you how to do it in practice through fast-paced, engaging and proactive programs that are delivered by experienced professionals.  We pride ourselves in being able to share our subject matter expertise with you. 

We arm you with the know-how to make sense of the changes your teams are experiencing, and empower you with an industry-leading tool kit to enable you to maximise the business value from the change you are delivering.

We also support you while you put your learnings into practice.

Complimentary to the training, we offer change management advisory and hands-on delivery support. Find out more.

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Where do we Operate?

We support organisations to build change management capability globally.

We are the affiliate for Prosci® and its world-renowned ADKAR® model, for the UK, Ireland, Singapore and Italy. We also have operations in South Africa and Switzerland. 

We offer:

  • Prosci onsite change management training and advisory support anywhere in the world

  • Open enrolment Prosci change management training in the UK & Ireland, Italy and Singapore.

Take a look at our websites for CMC Partnership Global Singapore, CMC Partnership Global Italy and CMC Partnership South Africa.

Where do we come from?

CMC Partnership was founded in 2002 to help customers achieve their change goals and grow their capabilities.

Initially specialising in delivery management (portfolio, programme and project management), our many years of working on major organisational and technology change initiatives showed that change success lies in a more holistic approach – one that includes the right level of focus on the people side of change, and a clear understanding of the change and its impact. Over time CMC Partnership expanded its core capabilities and in 2018, we became two separate businesses:

CMC Partnership Global: Providing Prosci change management training, capability building and advisory globally.

CMC Consultancy: providing delivery and support across the UK and beyond. You can find out more about the services that CMC Consultancy provide on their website.

Each business now has the freedom to focus on their individual specialisms, while keeping close links with each other.

CMC Global Careers

CMC Partnership Global strives to create a growing team with exactly the right combination of skills to meet our client's needs.  The pace of CMC Global's growth means that we are always looking for innovative people who share our vision and ambitions.

Take a look at some of the opportunities we have available:

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