What are the greatest strengths of CMC's Prosci Practitioner Certification Course?

Whilst analysing participant feedback from CMC’s most recent Prosci change management practitioner course, it became evident that there were recurring themes running through the comments when asked; What are the greatest strengths of the CMC Prosci Practitioner Certification Course? 

“Practical”… “based on strong research background”… “Tools that can be applied to real life projects”…. “strong fundamental concepts”….

These are some of the answers our participants offered, and we believe they are the reason behind what makes the Prosci methodology really unique, here’s why;

It is practical, the training is contextualised; during your three days of training you will assess and build change management plans for your real projects.

Prosci’s research background draws on the best practice of 4500+ organisations. It’s study is carried out every two years, using the knowledge and experience of thousands of change leaders and practitioners globally.

Prosci provides practitioners with tools that can be applied to real life projects with an easy-to-use eToolkit featuring templates, assessments and checklists.

Strong fundamental concepts – Prosci is a holistic approach that integrates both the individual and organisational aspects of change. It provides a clear framework, effective for any type or size of change.

Another core strength our participants often cite having just completed the three day course is the knowledge and experience of the CMC Instructors who bring the Prosci methodology to life.

When I first joined CMC, a colleague of mine referred to our instructors as our change heroes, and it didn’t take me long to see why. Not only are they Prosci Advanced Instructors and Certified Practitioners, they are also accomplished leaders of change with experience in driving complex and global change programmes across all types of organisations, both in the private and public sectors.

“It’s great to have an experienced facilitator who has been in the trenches”  
Michelle Colbert, Head of Client Skills Training EMEA, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Finally, spending three intense and interactive days with 15 like-minded individuals from across different industries and organisations is another benefit of attending the course. The opportunity to make connections and share knowledge and experience with others is one of key takeaways according to the thousands of practitioners we have trained over years.

We are proud to say that our CMC Certified Practitioners leave the training room buzzing and eager to take their tools and knowledge back to the work place ready to put them into practice.

“It’s been three-days of light bulb moments” Rachel Vipond, Portfolio Manager, Ishoni

What do you think were the greatest strengths of your CMC Prosci Practitioner Certification Course? Get in touch and let us know.

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