Tackling Change Management challenges such as sponsorship, resistance and making the case for change

In its Best Practices in Change Management 2018, Prosci found that for the tenth consecutive research study, active and visible sponsorship was identified as the greatest overall contributor to change success.

And it is the number one Change Management question we get asked at CMC:

 ‘How do we fix the issue of our Sponsors?’

To really get under the skin of this issue and other questions, you can join our three day Experienced Practitioner Programme. We’ll bring forward great tools, techniques as well as the knowledge and experience of the Instructor and group to get an answer to the question that is holding you back in your change management practice.

We remove the assumptions commonly applied to practitioner-level training and discuss strategies for tackling advanced change management topics, including:

  • Sponsor and management engagement
  • Making the case for change management
  • Resistance management

And we’ll explore new advanced change management topics, such as:

  • Change portfolio management
  • Change management measurement
  • Change program management

Join us in discussions with other change management leaders, led by Prosci’s most advanced facilitators:

 “Facilitating the Prosci Experienced Practitioner Program is a highlight for me. I get to spend time with passionate and knowledgeable change practitioners who, like me, want to take their practice to the next level. As explorers of our discipline we use the three days together we get to dive the depths, scale the heights and scan the horizon turning our discovery into practical application for our organisations.”

Rhiannon Cooke, founding CMC Director and Advanced Instructor of the Experienced Practitioner Programme.

Join Rhiannon Cooke, Michael Campbell and other senior change leaders 8-10th May in Singapore, or 10 - 12th July in Monmouth, UK. Download the brochure

Or for more insight on sponsor management, read Emma de-la Haye’s blog "Turn and face the change: How do we really engage sponsors with change management?"