Re-connect with the fundamentals of change and Prosci Change Management

Have you applied the methodology that you learned during your Prosci Certification Program to projects in your organisation? Do you find you need some guidance on applying the Prosci methodology to your change project? Would you benefit from guidance on tackling common challenges practitioners face after completing the certification course? 

If the answer is yes, then consider joining us for the CMC Prosci Practitioner Refresher workshop in London on 21st June!

This half-day intensive and interactive workshop, with a follow up remote coaching session provides Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioners with the opportunity to refresh their knowledge, skills and the application of their licensed Prosci tools to improve their ability to ensure effective change in their organisations. 

Why now?

There are three words are often used to describe CMC’s three day Prosci Change Management Practitioner Certification course: “intense, interactive and informative”.

A good deal of content and multiple tools are learned over the three days and perhaps it is only now, three, six or even twelve months since your Prosci Practitioner training that you may be more deeply involved in managing change in your organisation. Now is the time to benefit from a refresh of the key concepts and tools within Prosci’s change management methodology plus have an opportunity to discuss and review ways forward when encountering specific challenges that have arisen through your change projects.

What are you waiting for? 

It’s an ideal way to really ground and deepen the application of the Prosci change management processes and tools to increase the probability of success in delivering your specific project.

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