Prosci Experienced Practitioner Programme Heads to London

CMC is bringing our Prosci Experienced Practitioner Programme for the first time to London! If you’re a change practitioner and are looking to take the next step in your career, EPP could be the right path for you.

The Experienced Practitioner Programme builds upon what you learnt during the Practitioner Certification Programme, and allows you to network with fellow change professionals who will be facing the same challenges as yourself.

What else is in it for me?

•    Completing the Experienced Practitioner Programme will dramatically improve your personal impact as a change management specialist.
•    The programme goes beyond what you will have covered already, looking at big challenges to the introduction of change management and a deeper dive into the Prosci tools.
•    It will help you to apply change management beyond the project level, with measurement and metrics to chart change success and build change management competency within your organisation.
•    You’ll address challenges of change capacity and change saturation, estimating budgets for change management activities and apply change management across a portfolio of changes.

"Great practical examples and case studies from highly skilled and experienced instructor and students.  Practical and pragmatic application of Prosci and other change methodology.”
-Steven Davies, Independent Consultant- March 2019

With your peers and CMC’s Advanced Prosci Instructor, you’ll bring the learning to life with real examples, case studies and practical application. 

The Prosci Experienced Practitioner Programme is challenging and immersive, designed for those of us who are ready to go beyond the basics.

For the first time, CMC will be delivering the Experienced Practitioner Programme in London, which will run from the 22nd-24th July. Come and join us, and be the best change practitioner you can be!

Want to know more? Read the brochure or register here (spaces are limited).