Piecing together Change Management and Project management

How best do the disciplines of project management and change management fit together to support change outcomes for your organisation? 

The following article provides a brief summary of some of the common issues on this popular topic,  with some suggested further reading ahead of our CMC webinar next week “Integrating Project Management and Change Management”. 

Project management and change management - two teams with the same goal?

Absolutely! Project management and change management both aim “to increase the likelihood that the project or initiative will achieve its intended results and outcome”.

However, in reality, we all know that that our project and change resources may often pull in different directions:

 ‘How much is this going to cost?’ thinks the Project Manager when the Change Manager proposes new people-focused activities. 

‘What’s the importance of cost, time, and quality if no-one actually uses the new system?’ thinks the Change Manager. 

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To deliver successful projects, we need to combine the people and technical sides of change:

  • A technical side focus ensures that the change is developed, designed and delivered effectively. 
  • A people side focus ensures that the change is embraced, adopted and utilised by the employees who have to do their jobs differently as a result of the project.

Delivering change is never easy. But if project management and change management resources can effectively pull together in the same direction, we’ve got a much better chance of achieving what we set out to in the first place.

If you're struggling to put forward the need for change management in you're organisation, join us on Monday 22nd July to undertand the best way to express a quantified value for change management's contribution to a project.

Defining the Value of Change Mangement

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