One team one goal: integrating project and change management

The people side of change is often considered separately from the technical delivery of new capability. But really, change management and project management have the same goal – the delivery of benefits to the business. Although their contributions are distinct, they ultimately serve the same purpose.

Too often, though, project and change resources pull in different directions. ‘How much is this going to cost?’ thinks the project manager when the change manager proposes new people-focused activities. ‘What’s the importance of cost, time, and quality if no-one actually uses the new system?’ thinks the change manager, frustrated by the narrow focus of their colleagues.

To deliver successful projects, we need to combine the people and technical sides of change, and see ourselves, ultimately, as one team with one goal.

Best practice research from Prosci supports this view – those reporting good or excellent change management effectiveness were much more likely to integrate change management and project management (see figure). Integrating the two disciplines was also identified as the top trend for the next five years.

Delivering change is never easy. But if project management and change management resources can pull together in the same direction, we’ve got a much better chance of achieving what we set out to in the first place.

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