Introduction to Change Management

If you are new to change management or if you are looking to further your change management capability, look no further. 

Change management is a structured and intentional approach to support people through change. It prepares, equips, and supports individuals through the changes to their jobs. With a dedicated focus on mobilising adoption and usage, change management supports holistic and successful change.

Organisations often prioritise meeting the technical requirements of a project. Making sure that they are on time and on budget, which often defines project success. What fails to be ensured is the adoption and usage by the very people that will be impacted by the change. Change Management helps to guide staff through change and ensure a return on investment.  According to Prosci's 2018 research, 93% of respondents that reported excellent change management met or exceeded their project objectives. 

In this Prosci article you will learn about: 

  • What is change management and why it matters
  • How applying change management increases project success by supporting individuals
  • What successful change management looks like across organisations

Read Prosci's article "An introduction to Change Management"

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