Final opportunity for Prosci Change Management Training at 2017 prices

The final CMC Prosci Change Management Practitioner Certification courses for 2017 will be taking place in the UK this November and December. 

7-9 November
14-16 November
28-30 November
5-7 December
12 - 14 December

This is your final chance to become Prosci Certified at 2017 prices! 

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Why choose Prosci Change Management Certificaiton?

Research has shown that change management is most effective with a structured approach, and this is exactly what Prosci offers, a clear framework, effective for any type or size of change. Specifically, Prosci offers: 

  • A methodology that integrates both the individual and organisational aspects of change.
  • It provides a formal process and shared language that supports the application of change management on a project, and throughout an organisation
  • A practical, easy-to-use eToolkit for practitioners with tools, templates, assessments and checklists.
  • Contextualised training; assessing and a building change management plan for your own projects

The Prosci change management method is used by 80% of the Fortune 100 companies and with over 30,000 Practitioners worldwide it is a truly global certification recognised as the industry standard.

Do I need to be an experienced Change Manager to take part?

The Prosci Change Management Certification training course is for anyone interested in managing change of their individual projects or for anyone looking to introduce a change methodology within their organisation. Over the years, CMC has welcomed not only project, programme and change managers but business analysts, HR specialists, managers, senior management and independent consultants who want to add more value and focus on delivering business benefits.

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