Essential tips to drive organisational change capability

Change leaders usually start by applying change management methodologies and tools learned to improve adoption rates of a single change initiative, of one project or programme. However, this may not be enough to meet the demands of today's agile world. Embedding change management into your organisation’s core ways of working will help enable your organisation to remain competitive.

The result? Your workforce will be empowered to be proactive and responsive to the need to continually improve business performance. 

In this blog we offer you 4 tips to drive organisational change capability. To encourage flexibility, improve performance and reduce the possibility of change saturation amongst the workforce by minimising disruption and gaining a competitive advantage through more widespread use of change management competencies and best practices.

1. Start with a vision that explains why

Your Enterprise Change Management vision should let others, especially senior leaders who will need to sponsor and support this change, understand the ‘why’. Why will the adoption of effective change management as a necessary core competency deliver improved business benefits or social outcomes?  The vision should encourage them to get behind what you are trying to achieve and outline the goals, start and finish position, timescales and milestones for success. Just like any other good initiative "Project ECM" needs to be resourced, defined and sponsored for success, before a significant awareness campaign is activated internally.

2. Focus on your people

Effective Enterprise Change Management requires change management competencies to grow throughout an entire organisation. To do so, strong and supportive leadership is an essential driver. It is also imperative to empower the key people in your organisation with the tools and confidence to permeate ECM. This may require a specific role to be created to fully support leaders in delivering change management outcomes within their teams. Firstly leaders as well as their line managers will need to be trained in their respective roles to be able to successfully lead change initiatives. You can plan to build change management capability in various ways, attending training, on site training and coaching or if  maybe this network of training programs is an activity you wish to do yourself. If so at CMC we offer a The Prosci Train the Trainer programme, equipping individuals with the ability to deliver the family of Prosci change management training courses internally. Don't forget though, training is only the start. Coaching and post training support activities need to be into your Project ECM plan in order for it to be successful. 

3. Communicate your change messages, consistently

Adopting a common approach to the language used for change throughout your organisation will help create a culture of continuous learning. By committing to this, your workforce will better understand things such as, how you assess change, what changes you are choosing to prioritise and why each of them is an integral part of all changes that impact them directly. Adopting a common language for change will also help to defuse the emotion and natural resistance many people experience when confronted by change.

Get your message out there to your workforce in every way that you can and go beyond blog posts on your intranet. Engage employees with ECM by creating opportunities to discuss change initiatives outside of their day to day tasks. This also gives change leaders an opportunity to listen and gain an understanding of how initiatives are being received, essential to the design and deployment of effective change management strategy and plans. Your workforce are the people who enable change to occur, their unrestricted honest feedback is vital. 

4. Learn as you go

To build organisational change capability you have to practice what you preach and adjust and adapt to challenges of implementation. You will be equipped to do this if you deploy an enterprise change management strategy which incorporates the tips covered in this blog post and adopt a Project ECM approach – start with a clear plan and goals, empower the people that can help you to achieve your plan and carefully and consistently communicate your message. 

Next steps:

Prosci Change Management Practitioner Certification Programme

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ECM Bootcamp

If this is a direction your organisation is moving in, our Prosci ECM Bootcamp is designed for you. In our one-day workshop you will gain additional tools based on research findings for creating your Project ECM strategies and plans.

We a offer a public CMC Prosci Enterprise Change Management Bootcamp, so sign up for our next one in Singapore on 13th September. If you're interested in joining one of our next dates in the UK and Europe, Let us know, and you'll be the first to find out once dates are scheduled!

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If your preference is to have a faciltiated discussion and workshop focussing soley on your organisational plans for building change management capability and competency get in touch talk about the Prosci Strategic Alignment Workshop.

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Or if you’d like a conversation about the Enterprise approach please get in touch and we’ll arrange for a conversation.