Enterprise Change Management – where do I start?

Enterprise Change Management, otherwise known as ECM, is the embedding of change management capability at an organisational level, an ambition that goes beyond change management on isolated projects delivered in sporadic fashion across different parts of the business. 

Whether you are already on the path to ECM or your organisation is just starting out, CMC offers a wide range of resources and Prosci training to help you long the way: 

To get you started

Read Advanced Prosci Instructor, Michael Campbell’s blogs on Building Enterprise Change Management with Project ECM and Essential tips to drive organisational change capability. 

Your strategic approach to ECM 

Depending on your objectives and ambitions, below are two different CMC Prosci offerings that will help you to kick-start your ECM journey:

Is your objective to develop a strategic approach to being the Change Management capability builders for your organisation? 

If your answer is yes, then the Prosci® Strategic Alignment Workshop is designed to align your change management effort with the organisation’s strategic objectives. 

This is accomplished through a facilitated working session where your team can address many of the critical questions required for sustainable change management results, including:

-    defining your change management strategy
-    documenting goals and measures of success
-    clarifying roles and responsibilities
-    determining how fast you internalise your change management effort and;
-    outlining the specific sequence of events to deliver your expected results.  

During the workshop, research and best practices from other successful organisations who are on similar change management capability building journeys will be shared, as we examine the pros and cons of your critical decisions. This 2-day workshop is run onsite with your organisation and is conducted as a collaborative team effort to determine your strategic change goals and provide key outputs for next steps. 

Is your objective to develop your own competency to build change management capability in a variety of different business areas across your organisation? 

If yes, then the Prosci® Enterprise Change Management Boot Camp (ECM) is an excellent programme to support the planning for making change management one of your key organisational competencies. This workshop guides you through the steps required to build a compelling case for Enterprise Change Management and uses Prosci’s Change Management Maturity Model™ to assess, then identify areas of improvement to build your organisational change management capability. 

Join us on the next UK ECM Bootcamp public course in the UK on 12th March, or host a private onsite course for you to be equipped with the knowledge of the Prosci® ECM tools and techniques to create your business’ strategy for developing change management maturity. Find out more. 

Talk to the team

To help you determine the right approach for you and your organisation, give our expert team a call – we’re here to help you with all of your change management capability building needs. 

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