Change Management and Agile – how the two disciplines met this month

Tim Creasey, Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer, colleagues from Prosci and the CMC team were joined by numerous Change and Agile experts in London earlier this month to learn, discuss and share how best the two disciplines of Agile and Change Management can work together.

Just over a year ago, Prosci decided to take on the challenge of these two approaches in their tried and tested manner – by conducting research on the best practices. Prosci engaged Change and Agile practitioners globally to provide their insight and experience on the intersection of these emergent and critical disciplines.

The result marked an in-depth benchmarking report and earlier this month, Tim Creasey travelled from the US to personally address our London audience with the findings and opened up the topic for debate.

Prosci research & ADKAR – supporting Agile change delivery

It was compelling to see the Prosci research into the intersection of Agile and change management presented alongside the latest thought leadership from Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer, Tim Creasey. Tim brought to life the notion that having an Agile approach to the delivery of our projects does not take away the need to focus on the people-side of the change. In fact, it doesn’t matter if we are Agile, agile, “wagile” or indeed “badgile”, those of us who work in change management still have an important role to play in supporting and facilitating change, whether that is with our employees, colleagues, partners, suppliers and/or our customers.

It was particularly powerful to see how ADKAR (Prosci’s model for individual change), arguably the most potent of the Prosci tools, can be leveraged to support us in Agile change delivery.

Sharing common challenges

Through interactive group work, intense discussion and insights from Tim Creasey, the group of 60+ debated, empathised with each other’s challenges and came up with action points that would form a practical approach and tactics for integrating change management and Agile.

Excellent! The right balance of content depth, plus engaging speech delivery by Tim Creasey.  Lots of new information and interesting discussions"  Lisa Schembri    

The workshop delivered a good mix of theory and practice and all the participants walked away armed with the full Prosci Agile and Change Management research report and a range of other resources to develop their knowledge further and put what they learned into practice.

“I now feel like I can go back to my workplace with a much better idea about how I can work more effectively with Agile teams” Samar Shuwayhat, Resource Solutions.

If you missed out then please register your interest on our next public CMC Prosci Intersection of Agile Change Management Workshop that will take place on 18th September in London.

“I think CMC has perfected the art of creating an engaging and valuable workshop method! Well done!”  Dora Ross, Thales UK

And to get a flavour of the subject, why not download the Executive summary of the Agile and Change Management benchmarking report.