Business Analysis and Change Management

CMC are speaking at the Business Analysis Conference in London this September, join Steve Ragg's session on Tuesday 26th September and get two weeks FREE access to Prosci's E-best Practices. 

Successful organisational change occurs when every individual impacted makes a personal transition from how they work today to how they need to be working in the future state the change seeks to achieve, and Change Management facilitates these transitions through a range of coordinated engagement activities.

But…the success of Change Management depends on having the right information available to engage people at each stage, and evidence suggests that many organisational changes lack such information inputs with consequential negative impacts on change success.

This Change Management challenge represents a great opportunity for Business Analysts to support change in very specific and visible ways through applying their skills to the development of the specific information inputs on which change management depends. 

This will be the focus of our session at the Business Analysis Conference on Tuesday 26th September at 10.40am, led by CMC’s Steve Ragg.

All attendees of Steve's session will get two weeks FREE access to Prosci's E-best Practices. 

Find out more the Business Analysis Conference, or if you are new to change management and want to learn more, then why not join one of our free Change Management webinars or take a look at Prosci Change Management training opportunities here at CMC.