Bring Prosci change management to your workplace

Communicating the importance of change management can enable your team to embrace and deliver lasting change. And what better way to upskill your people than in the comfort and convenience of your own offices?

Change management solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer in-house training experiences to suit you. 

As the world’s most widely adopted change management methodology, Prosci® offers 20 years of industry-leading research and a holistic approach for lasting individual and organisational change, including the Prosci® ADKAR® model.

With role-based training for everyone—from your senior executives to your frontline employees, CMC can bring can bring Prosci® change management training to your workplace and facilitate hands-on change-readiness skills development for your team. Applying the learning to your real life projects, CMC workshops bring the Prosci methodology to life. 

What is in-house Training?

CMC’s in-house training solutions allow you to select any of the CMC Prosci courses to be delivered at a venue of your choice.  

Our team of Advanced Prosci Instructors who are also experienced change leaders, will work with you to deliver certified courses and workshops under your guidance. In addition, they can offer flexible ongoing support to ensure you and your teams gain the outcomes that you are looking for from investing in Change Management.

Change management solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all, and with no team travel costs and reduced delegate rates, running training in-house can often be the most cost-effective option. 

Don’t just listen to us! CMC has received consistently excellent feedback for the training that we provide and for the depth of experience offered by our CMC Prosci Instructor team who have a wide variety of cross-sector experience dealing with complex and challenging change at all levels.

“It demystified change management by breaking it down into small bits that are easy to understand” Soumya Kaushik, Thames Water

“Amazing, Inspirational, and absolutely mind blowing” Maryline Belle, Crown Relocations. 

Take a look at details of each of the CMC Prosci Change Management training courses, and get in touch with the CMC team who can discuss your private change management training needs.