Balance your change management practice with your Agile organisation

To ensure the success of projects with Change Management, the integration of existing and emerging complementary disciplines is often required, especially when they are already in use in an organisation.

Agile is one such emerging discipline. The volume of chatter about Agile and change management has been on the rise in recent years. Unfortunately, the direction on how to integrate change management in an Agile project has been quite shallow. In late 2016, Prosci® engaged change practitioners that had a foot in both areas to provide insights, experiences and expertise on the intersection of these emergent and critical disciplines.

The result of this research is captured in the Prosci topic benchmarking report, ‘Change Management and Agile: The intersection of the people side of change and Agile development processes’ – released in 2017.

One part of the report explores how to effectively manage the people side of change when moving from waterfall TO Agile – the systemic introduction of Agile as an approach, sometimes called the “Agile Transformation.” The other part of the report explores how to most effectively adapt and adjust the practice of change management IN a project using Agile.

To bring this report to life, Prosci created “The Intersection of Agile and Change Management workshop”

CMC Partnership is proud to be one of the first Prosci affiliates to deliver the Prosci Intersection of Agile and Change Management workshop in Europe.

 “This was a really good session. Very well delivered and facilitated, with an open environment created where colleagues could share views and insights” Dan Newberry from the University of Sheffield

Our next public training date in the UK will be in London on Friday 7th June.

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About the workshop

The workshop will be delivered by Emma de-la-Haye, CMC’s specialist on the subject of Agile and Change Management. She brings a wealth of experience in her role as one of CMC’s Prosci Advanced Instructors whilst also being an accomplished senior executive with extensive experience of change, project and programme management, business transformation, operational delivery and corporate governance. 

With the plethora of Prosci’s Agile and Change Management research at her fingertips and Emma’s years of experience, she will deliver an insightful and interactive workshop. 

Absorbing and thought provoking

You’ll see Prosci research presented into the intersection of Agile and Change Management and discover how the Agile approach to our delivery of projects does not take away the need to focus on the people-side of the change.

In bite-size chunks with discussions and your input, we will:

  • Delve into the foundation and parallels of change management and Agile
  • Explore industry-leading research on how to manage change in Agile
  • Identify specific adaptations for the change management approach
  • Present the Prosci ADKAR model for driving change at the level of the individual which will support us in Agile change delivery.
  • Align the 5 levers of change management to Agile and identify specific adjustments for each
  • Define change management roles in an Agile environment

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to build specific tactics and plans for effectively adapting and adjusting change management in an environment using Agile iterative development.

Register if you are: 

  • A change management practitioner supporting Agile efforts 
  • An Agile practitioner integrating the people side of change into your work 
  • A project leader incorporating Agile principles 
  • A change agent who wants to stay at the forefront of this growing discipline 

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