6 reasons to invest in CMC’s Prosci Change Management Training

The decision to invest in the CMC’s Prosci Change Management Practitioner Training isn’t one that our participants take lightly and we often get asked, “but what will I actually get out of the three days?“

So to help you help build a case that the three day practitioner course is time well spent, we’ve put together 6 solid reasons to invest in CMC’s Prosci Change Management Training.

1. Over 70 Tools, Templates & Presentations

You’ll have access to a robust library of templates, assessments, and presentations within the Prosci® e-toolkit:

  • Assessments – including an Impact Index assessment of your change and its impact on the organisation, as well as ADKAR and role-based change readiness assessments for employees, managers and sponsors.
  • Plan templates – ready to tailor for your own change, including sponsor, communication, training and resistance management plans to name a few.
  • Presentations –  including a Change Management Strategy Presentation which you will build throughout the course ready to use when you step back into the office.

To help bring the toolkit to life, you’ll also find a case study from a sample company, Finesta Financial, providing completed examples of the templates from pre-course through to closure of the change project.

And to top it off, the toolkit is not a static resource – Prosci are consistently working to update and improve the tools and templates, giving you potential access to the most up-to-date and relevant content.

2. 80% of Fortune 100 Companies are using the Prosci Change Management Methodology

Prosci is the world leader in change management research and the top companies in the world are using the methodology. By becoming certified in Prosci, you’ll join 30,000 other change practitioners who are using this practical and holistic change management methodology. You will also have full access Prosci Best Practices report (rrp $389)!

3. A room full of like-minded peers to network with, discuss and share common issues

One of the added benefits of the course is the element of meeting other individuals who understand and share your passion for change management but who are also likely to be frustrated with the same issues. The ability to discuss common issues such as resistance to change, engaging with sponsors and gaining buy-in from stakeholders, helps participants build their portfolio of skills and their support network. .

Be ready to make long lasting connections that will build your network and a sense of community. The three days of intense engagement and the celebratory dinner on the 2nd day, builds each group of participants into quite a team.

4. 3 days to learn from knowledgeable Change Leaders

Feedback from the Practitioner Certification always highlights the benefit of our instructors being experienced and knowledgeable change leaders. This makes a real difference in the training room as participants can bring their own issues to the table, with constructive feedback and suggestions from the instructor.

5. Join 1000s and be part of a supportive Change Management community

Your Change Management journey doesn’t end once you have left the training room. CMC offers post-course support and networking opportunities including:

  • Regular alumni webinars with topics such as a walkthrough and reminder of the e-toolkit
  • Join and contribute to a CMC Linked-in alumni group where you and other Change Practitioners can share, discuss and keep up to date on relevant change management topics
  • Coaching and mentoring through CMC’s Practitioner Plus
  • Other role based Change Management training for your colleagues

6. Projects are more likely to deliver.

The no. 1 obstacle to success for change projects is ineffective management of the people side of change, with Prosci change management, your project will be: 6x more likely to meet objective, 5x more likely to stay on schedule and 2x more likely to stay on budget.

Hear what our participants have to say.

Find out more about the CMC’s Prosci Change Management Certification Training  - download the brochure.