Change Management

As a Portfolio, Programme, Project and Change Management Consultancy, CMC has been involved in major transformational and business change programmes for the past fifteen years. Using a wide variety of tools and techniques, CMC's consultants have engaged with and integrated into customer teams to design and deliver changes at all levels, transferring key skills and knowledge to customer employees in the process.

We find that organisational change and transformation are often spoken of and thought of as physical changes: a new departmental organisational structure, a new IT system, office relocation, new processes, new competency frameworks. The management of change and specifically the effective engagement and motivation of people is often acknowledged; however the methods and plans to effect change do not always engage and transition people at the individual level.

'The number one obstacle to success for major change projects is employee resistance and the ineffective management of the people side of change'

Prosci® – a global leader in change management for more than 15 years – has developed a methodology adopted by more than 80% of Fortune 100 organisations. Prosci’s research has shown that, compared to projects with poor change management, projects with excellent change management are much more likely to meet key success indicators. Among projects with excellent change management:

  • 96% meet or exceed their objectives;
  • 72% deliver on schedule; and
  • 81% come in on or under budget.

Utilising the ADKAR™ Model, Prosci’s approach focuses on the people side of change, ensuring that business change projects are as focused on moving employees to new ways of working as they are on implementing new technology or processes.

CMC has integrated Prosci's® formal change management methodology into its service offerings. In its consultancy work, CMC uses the Prosci® approach in conjunction with PRINCE2® project management and Managing Successful Programmes® (MSP) methods to provide a credible, people-focused approach and change management toolset. This approach addresses the key people issues, through assessing an individual's or a group's readiness to adapt effectively to change. Business change activities are then customised to transition employees from old ways of working to new - ensuring planned commercial business change benefits are effectively realised.

We provide our customers with tailored individual workshops, consultancy, training and coaching sessions to meet specific organisational business requirements – delivering the most efficient and cost effective results for improved change management capability.

If you would like assistance in improving your business change management capability, personally, or within your organisation - please contact us at any time.

For further information please visit our website Case Studies page. More information about CMC's Portfolio, Programme and Project Management capability & delivery support services can also be found HERE.