Change Management

Change management (sometimes referred to as business change management or organisational change management) is the practice of applying a structured approach to transition an organisation from a current state to a future state, in order to achieve expected benefits (ref. ACMP Change Management Standard).

It is increasingly recognised as a vital element in the success of any organisational change or transformation. The data is clear – the better we apply change management, the greater the likelihood of achieving project (or programme, or portfolio) objectives.

Key challenges

However, even when the importance of change management is recognised, project and programmes struggle to:

  • Demonstrate active and visible sponsorship from the leaders
  • Reach across the organisation to build the necessary awareness and motivation
  • Activate the management structure and help middle managers to manage their teams through the change
  • Engage and transition people at an individual level

Without these crucial factors, projects fail to deliver objectives, productivity can drop, absenteeism and attrition can rise, customers can be negatively impacted and morale suffers.

What we do

CMC helps organisations to apply structured, effective change management to their transformations or change projects. In the same way that project management helps to reduce the risks of technical delivery, a structured change management approach reduces the risks associated with trying to change the behaviours of tens, hundreds or thousands of people across an organisation.

CMC uses the Prosci® Change Management methodology – the leading change management methodology globally – always tailored and adapted to suit our customer’s needs. We have “in practice” expertise in the use of this methodology across a wide variety of programmes. We have integrated Prosci® with project, programme & portfolio management approaches (such as PRINCE2®, Managing Successful Programmes®, Management of Portfolios®) and we have complementary tools for:

  • Change design and definition
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Multi-project/programme application
  • Enterprise-wide change management (portfolio management)

How we do it

Our consultants are experienced at providing the right kind of support, appropriate to the situation, in order to get the best results for our clients. If engaged later in a programme, that might mean immediate tactical actions to rescue programmes, reputations and relationships; if engaged early on that could be strategic advice and planning to position projects/programmes for long-term success. All our consultants are experienced in both project & programme management and change management, and so on any assignment can bring expertise and advice in both areas of delivery.

Services include:

  • Hands-on change management delivery
  • Interim change managers
  • Change definition and vision development
  • Change management strategy and planning
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy and planning
  • Communications design, delivery and management
  • Programme Change Management Office set-up and management
  • Conducting change management maturity assessments
  • Leadership support, to be effective sponsors 
  • Coaching for middle managers