'What's in it for me?' … and other change management challenges

CMC director Rhiannon Cooke led a masterclass in change management at the Managing Change - delivering public reform conference at the Barbican, presenting to 148 public sector representatives, comprising of business change, programme and project managers and other senior leaders and managers from across the public sector.

Rhiannon’s masterclass, 'What's in it for me?' … and other change management challenges demonstrated how addressing the people side of change management can increase the probability of business success during periods of significant change.

Using professional actors Rhiannon illustrated how the maximum return on change investment through effective employee, management and executive sponsor engagement can be achieved using Prosci® Change Managment methodology.

By exploring how one-to-one discussions about upcoming changes can reduce resistance and assist transition from current ways of working to new, Rhiannon increased delegate awareness of the connection between individual participation in business change and successful outcomes for an organisation. The masterclass was also supported by managers and employees from Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council who have recently utilised Prosci® Change Management to support a major eProcurement change initiative within their organisation.