Andre Low

Andre Low Prosci Change Management Training Manager Singapore

As our Singapore Marketing and Training support for CMC, Andre is a versatile, eager, and capable individual with interesting experience in psychology, education and research. Based in Singapore, Andre works in tandem with our Prosci Instructors to enhance our clients’ experience in our training workshops and increase the visibility of CMC’s services within the Asia Pacific region. Born and raised in Singapore, Andre speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Before joining CMC, Andre’s background was in psychology, where he worked proficiently as a specialist psychologist supporting children with specific learning difficulties. Working in a non-profit organisation also gave Andre opportunities to be involved in projects outside of his area of expertise. In addition to conducting psychological assessments, he was also part of a team managing a project to archive the company’s entire record of operational data. Moreover, he was on the board that oversaw the company’s website. 

After assessing and helping more than 250 children with special needs in a short span of three years, Andre left the industry to learn more about the forces that affect people’s behaviours in group settings which educational and clinical psychology often neglects. Being interested in human behaviours in corporate settings, Andre is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Adelaide to learn more about management methodologies.

In his psychological work, Andre had also interviewed more than 200 parents from all walks of life. This allowed him to build strong communication and listening skills, as well as an acute sensitivity to people’s emotions and body language. His genuine interest in collaboration, forward-looking attitude and willingness to learn enables him to face and overcome challenges. For instance, he took up a course on Inbound Methodology to better his ability to market CMC’s services.

Off-work time for Andre means family time with his wife and baby. He also keeps an active lifestyle through frequent cycling and jogs across the beautiful waterways in Punggol and volunteers some of his time to serve his community through Grassroots Activities.